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Signs of Ozone Layer Recovery Detected 363

Posted by Soulskill
from the now-we-can-officially-stop-caring dept.
polar red writes "22 years of banning CFCs is starting to pay off. Researchers have finally been able to measure a reduction in size of the ozone layer hole, after finding the source of its fluctuations. 'Salby's results reveal a fast decline in ozone levels until the late 1990s, then a slow rebound that closely matches what theoretical calculations had predicted, says David Karoly, a climate scientist at the University of Melbourne, Australia. "It is the sort of result that was expected, but is the first to provide detection of an increase in Antarctic ozone levels," he says.'"

Intel's Superchilled Test Rig 147

Posted by timothy
from the now-that's-offsides dept.
Barence writes "Last week, PC Pro issued a challenge to see whose PC could render a 3D graphics benchmark in the shortest time. The competition was won by an entrant with a rather unfair advantage: Intel. The processor giant's superchilled rig is overclocked to nearly 5GHz. As PC Pro explains: 'The rig itself uses phase-change cooling: in other words it's attached to a chuffing great freezer, which I believe is the big box on the right of the photo. That yellow meter with the readout is showing the temperature of its output: yes, that's minus 40 degrees Celcius.'"

Comment: Concepts (Score 0, Insightful) 565

by Neotrantor (#33105932) Attached to: How Can an Old-School Coder Regain His Chops?
To stay on top now, you have to be aware of the advanced concepts coming out of functional programming languages. But moreover, you have to get good enough with those languages that it starts to effect how you write java/c#/c++ etc etc. I recommend getting down with Haskell or lisp and choose some industrial languages after you're comfortable with them.

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