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Comment: Re:Many stations switchin anyway... (Score 1) 334

by NeonVice (#26739829) Attached to: US Digital TV Switchover Delayed Until June
Some converter boxes don't have the ability to "pass through" analog signals. As a result, in areas where both signals are transmitted, viewers with the wrong converter may have to unplug the box to watch one channel broadcast in analog, then plug it back in to watch another in digital. While a majority of converter boxes made in recent months have the analog pass-through feature, consumers should check before buying. A list of such boxes available online at (models with a red asterisk beside them allow analog pass-through). Tribune Washington Beureau

Comment: Re:The truth hurts. (Score 2, Insightful) 341

by NeonVice (#21307005) Attached to: NASA Knows How To Party

Yes, taking care of citizens surely is the antithesis of "forward" progress. Oh, that silly congress!

Paying out welfare does not contribute to the forward progress of our country. The judgments of many people are hindered when they have a fall back plan that they are entitled to for simply being United States citizens. For example, my sister had a job as a dental assistant and decided to quit because she would be eligible for food stamps, subsidized housing, and she could live off of the child support given to her by her ex-boyfriend. Contrary to popular wisdom, a lack of welfare contributes to the progress of a society by encouraging work and discouraging poor decisions.

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