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Journal: IP Spoofing? 4

Journal by NeoThermic

Consider this. You've got an application which records users IP addresses when they access, say a PHP script. According to HTTP headers, you've generally got two ways of knowing the users IP. One is to use $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], and the other is $_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR']. Which do you trust the most?

What happens, say, you trusted HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR over REMOTE_ADDR, and someone indicated that using FireFox, it is trivial to spoof the former. Would you change your code to use REMOTE_ADDR, or would you argue that anyone can also spoof their REMOTE_ADDR using proxies and other such things?

I would be intrested in hearing your thoughts on this issue.



Journal: Well, Long Time, No Post. (WLTNP)

Journal by NeoThermic
Yes. PHP. You might wonder why I'm posting about PHP. Well, its quite simple. I'm hooked. Not only that, but I've found the ultimate BB that exsists. provides a simple to use PHP based database backeded BB. I've jumped and set one up already at my Home page; Here
(alternitavly - just find the link)
I'm having fun slicing and dicing mods and extra stuff up.
Feel free to sign up.

In the mean time, I've got a heck of alot of work to do. Firstly, I have three exams before the end of this month (2 Physics and 1 Computer Science), and I also have to knock off one whole peice of coursework before the 18th Feb!

Then, I have to knock out another peice of coursework, and start revision for 4 phyics exams, and 2 computer science exams!

On top of that, my Servers HD is giving up its ghost.
All I can do is back the thing up, and then buy a new one once it hits the dust.
In the mean time I'm saving up for a new server; I was thinking something small but powerfull enough to serve and to play games on.
I will wonder how far my £400 budget can go, considering that I will have to get a new case, motherboard, CPU, RAM, keyboard and mouse, and a good graphics card.
Any suggestions are welcome, just patch a comment on :P

Anyway. Time to post.

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Journal: What is it with... 1

Journal by NeoThermic


Ok, I want everyone to comment on this who views this...

Ever since I got broadband, my sleep has gone down hill. Its now 2:48am, and I'm wide awake...

Any hints or tips on making sleep quicker/easier?
Any of you suffer from the same problem?

[still wide awake you know...]

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Journal: Back from work, and a short sleep... :\

Journal by NeoThermic

Well, work was not as bad as I expected. We had 155 people in. For those of you who think thats not much, think about this:

The place I work does silver service. That means its a three course meal with all the knives and forks and spoons as well. Add to that the fact there is a bar in the same place, and we can work out that I do this much washing:

On average, each starters is two items, and two pieces of cutlery.

On average, each mains is three items and three peices of cutlery.

On average, each puddings is one item, and two peices of cutlery

On average, each customer has two drinks.
(2+2*155)+ (3+3*155) + (2+1*155)+ (2*155) = 1,247 items.

Thats quite alot of items when you consider it, and we have only approximatly half of that in the actual items. the other half i have to get from washing the first half, so its damn busy in the washing up area!

However, last night wasn't that bad. It was a staggerd night, allowing me to get everything that came back to be washed done very quickly, and back to them before they needed it again.

So all in all, a good night, including the tips, a nice 12 GBP! added to my wages for three nights, and it came out to just over 100 GBP, so not that bad :D

Anyway. Got PCZONE today... going to have a look at some of the nice lovley footage.



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Journal: I type this here...

Journal by NeoThermic
.. thinking about the fact that I have work in less than 1 hour and 30 mins...

.. thinking about the fact that work will finish in 7 hours and 30 mins approx...

.. thinking about the fact that I will get about; £50 excluding tips...

.. thinking about all the caffine I will drink at work...

.. thinking about thinking too much...

.. thinking that a follow up post about the crapness of my work will ensue after the shift I work tonight...


Journal: Hmm... First Journal Entry 1

Journal by NeoThermic

Whoa... like... this is /.
The source for the information I seek...
Well... dunno what to put here... bar the music I'm currently moshing to...
Incubus - Pardon Me

So... Thats all people...


Those who can, do; those who can't, write. Those who can't write work for the Bell Labs Record.