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Comment Re:Not first (Score -1) 181 181

Well, as a happy Mediacom cable Internet customer I can happily say that the speeds I get are always over what I pay for. I pay $24.99 a month for 100/10. I get 113/17. Not to mention a 1TB cap I'll never hit. For $5 more a month I can get 150/20 with a 2TB cap I ever need to. If your Internet Service Provider isn't suiting your needs there aren't always options. For example, the only other ISP in my area is AT&T with their "blazing fast" 6/512 ADSL service that got it's last speed boost sometime around 2007 with the xTreme 6.0 package. Now, they're pushing uVerse but the fastest they can offer in my (and most other) areas is 18Mbps for over twice the cost of my 100Mbps service. The USA really needs to get it's act together concerning broadband. I'm not saying we need gigabit connections everywhere (although it would be nice!) but 50Mbps+ is really needed these days to fully enjoy the interwebz.

Comment Re:It's About Time!!!! (Score -1) 132 132

Yeah, seriously. It's not a desktop OS and it never will be unless the designers want to destroy it's mobile usefulness. Android was born to compete with iOS. Why would you want to run it on a desktop? Go ahead, try it. Within a week after the neat factor dies off you'll be clamoring for that Linux or Windows installation disc. The best thing, actually, would be to run Android x86 in live mode off USB. That way, you could run it without having to alter your PC. It would be interesting to see run on a big screen and all but an even better idea is to just broadcast to a big TV from your smartphone. There's lots of devices out there nowadays that do just that.

Comment Re:Awesome (Score -1) 105 105

None of this matters as I've switched to Linux Mint 17.1 (soon to be 17.2!) Cinnamon 64-bit edition. My Dell XPS 8700 came with Windows 8.0 which I upgraded to Windows 7. I eventually got tired of Windows fuckery and decided to wipe my entire HDD. Now, when I boot up my computer, it boots straight into Linux as a computer with a Windows-only installation would boot into Windows. No bootloader or any bullshit. Just 1TB of ext4 and a free, secure and stable OS that does everything I want. Linux takes care of itself, while you can take care of life and things that matter.

Comment Obligatory Joke (Score -1) 60 60

[Insert joke containing sexual innuendo about blowing into NES cartridge here] Seriously, though, without cartridges we would have been using casettes or vinyl. Imagine Playing FF7 on 30 vinyl records. Has anyone actually successfully used vinyl to store data? I wonder how many MB one record could hold!

Comment AMD Driver + Linux Mint 17.1 = HUGE Memory Leak (Score 0) 136 136

I run Linux Mint 17.1 and tried using the AMD driver for my AMD Radeon 7570. It caused a huge memory leak. I am again using the X.org drivers. They don't perform as well for 3D but it's all that's available to me. I am bummed out, too. The AMD drivers looked promising and I was getting much improved frame rates in Nexuiz. Like, from 20FPS to 65FPS kind of improvement. I really wish that memory leak would get fixed.

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