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Journal Journal: AT&T Blocking Gmail?

AT&T appears to be blocking inbound mail from gmail, or at least from the server that is sending my mail. I've had bounces from two addresses, but one to a address appears to have gone through with no problem.

Anyone else have this problem?

Submission + - Fukushima Translated->

An anonymous reader writes: The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists' has published a special Fukushima issue with interesting/deep/new pieces written by leading experts on the nuclear disaster in Japan. (Such as “Fukushima: The myth of safety, the reality of geoscience”,, which shows that in the decades after the nuclear plant was built, the authorities discovered historical records that showed Fukushima was vulnerable to a giant tsunami, but they did nothing to protect the plant.) But there's a globalized twist to the issue: The Bulletin has also translated these lengthy expert analyses of the disaster into Japanese. As Bulletin editor Mindy Kay Bricker explains: “Those in genuine need of erudite analysis are, of course, those directly affected by the Fukushima disaster, the Japanese population. Stellar coverage by Western news outlets might win awards, but what is the point if those who most deserve the information never benefit from reading it?”

Bricker’s piece announcing the Fukushima issue is here:

The Japanese translation of the Fukushima issue is here:

The table of contents for the Fukushima issue in English is here:

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