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Comment Opting Out? (Score 0) 140

Wow! After reading this, I'm starting to think that maybe opting out on Web services might be something for me. Banks don't appear to be very responsible for any money stolen. Maybe TARP can help us when our money is stolen by thieves, just-like-the-banks! Oh wait I forgot.. we have to be responsible citizens.(Somebody has to!)

Comment Drought Resistant Plants (Score 0) 148

I hope they get smart and figure out a way to store water to start and raise plants to stabilize their area. It might even knock off a few degrees of heat during the evening. (If you live near a forest you experience the cool 'air conditioning' that plants can do for you.)

Comment Re:Summary of /. Reaction to Proposal (Score 0) 1124

Hey, can us 'old timers' keep our old, ancient, (straight forward) browser interface? If the same mindset goes to other fields, I'm sure its going to be just as much fun to move the gas, gear shift, brake pedal, turn signal, radio, to different parts of the car each year they come out! Because we have so little to do these days, its fun to relearn the same stuff over and over!

Comment Re:In the future... (Score 0, Troll) 315

Great, but don't hold your breath.. South America has been making fuel out of old tires for years. Canada has been able to make fuel out of garbage for 10 years now by exposing garbage to high heat and pressure with no oxygen. (This stuff is either suppressed or killed.)

Comment Re:Fuel + Electric (Score 1) 188

Never mind the gas mileage! Why is the world so strangely silent about algae biofuel?? It's carbon neutral. They have had turnkey operations you can see for over 2 years now on youtube. (one small example)

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