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Comment: no problem over in the UK (Score 1) 359

by Necroloth (#47825033) Attached to: How the Outdated TI-84 Plus Still Holds a Monopoly On Classrooms
Glad we don't have this issue over in the UK... we've got several alternative calculators that students can use - I still have my Casio but to be honest, after university, I have never used it since. They just end up as hand-me-downs and looking at calculators now, nothing has really changed and as long as AAA batteries exist, I can't see mine not being passed down for generations!

Comment: duplicate channels (Score 1) 340

by Necroloth (#46946915) Attached to: Average American Cable Subscriber Gets 189 Channels and Views 17
I don't know how the channels are over in the States but in the UK, there are an awful lot of +1 and even +2 (timeshifted channels) - are they classifying these as individual channels? I'd say nearly every channel has one of these ... you could cut the channel list by 40% if they had counted these.

Comment: slide notes + annotation (Score 1) 191

in pretty much all of my lectures, we were given a printed copy of the slides (3 to a page or so) at the beginning of each lecture and that worked very well as we could annotate on the sheets the explanations, additional notes etc rather than try and write the entire lecture. I'd hate to type out the lecture as diagrams would just take too long and I find I recall pictures better and having the slides printed made me recall those images easier.

+ - Seeing atomic bonds before and after reactions->

Submitted by Necroloth
Necroloth (1512791) writes "For the first time, scientists have visually captured a molecule at single-atom resolution in the act of rearranging its bonds. Until now, scientists were only able to infer molecular structures. Using atomic force microscopy, the individual atomic bonds that connect the carbon molecule’s 26 carbon and 14 hydrogen atoms are clearly visible and look startlingly similar to the stick diagrams in chemistry textbooks."
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Comment: Re:Physical Keyboard FTW (Score 2) 173

I used to be all for physical keyboards ... preferred to actually press on buttons and can cancel phone calls in my pocket without looking and no accidental swipes or such ... however I did envy the touchscreen users for their much larger displays!

I had a BB 9105 Pearl and then got myself the Z10 as the Pearl was feeling it's age and I've not looked back since! The Z10 is really easy to use and quick. Typing with the Z10 is amazing - all my friends actually like how you can flick words up and string full sentences with real words rather than some alpha-numberic coded gibberish at great pace.

One of the reasons I went away from the physical button phone, apart from the larger display, is that I preferred the old-school candybar phone button layout - I can't handle those tiny but full keyboard button layouts! Friends who have them vouch for them but just not for me! Hope BB do well though cos I really think there new range is good.

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