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Comment no problem over in the UK (Score 1) 359

Glad we don't have this issue over in the UK... we've got several alternative calculators that students can use - I still have my Casio but to be honest, after university, I have never used it since. They just end up as hand-me-downs and looking at calculators now, nothing has really changed and as long as AAA batteries exist, I can't see mine not being passed down for generations!

Comment slide notes + annotation (Score 1) 191

in pretty much all of my lectures, we were given a printed copy of the slides (3 to a page or so) at the beginning of each lecture and that worked very well as we could annotate on the sheets the explanations, additional notes etc rather than try and write the entire lecture. I'd hate to type out the lecture as diagrams would just take too long and I find I recall pictures better and having the slides printed made me recall those images easier.

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