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+ - Portuguese Government wants to put its data in the cloud

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NecroMancer writes: "The Portuguese Government is studying the possibility of storing its data in a privately-operated cloud, even the most secret data, in order to cut costs. Politicians are already asking the Minister of State Miguel Relvas about this and Freitas do Amaral is even saying he is perpelxed at the possibility. The Minister of Defense already stated that this study does not include Defense data, classified or otherwise. Meanwhile, the National Commission of Data Protection (CNPD, Comissão Nacional de Protecção de Dados, in Portuguese) is already analyzing the matter."

Comment: Funny (Score 1) 738

by NecroMancer (#39776527) Attached to: Software Engineering Is a Dead-End Career, Says Bloomberg

I find it "funny" being dismissed for a job on the basis of overqualifications... IMHO there's no such thing as overqualifications. This excuse is just a reason for companies not hiring someone.
In my country (Portugal) this is a most frequent excuse for not hiring. The other excuse is aging. It's true that after 35 it is more difficult to get a new job. My personal experience says so... I'm 37 and I've been unemployed for the last 4 months. Fortunately I got a job in a company that I worked for in the past, because the person in charge knew me very well and did not need any job interview to know me better...

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