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Comment: Re:I have a revolutionary idea.... (Score 0) 167

by NathanWoodruff (#48423073) Attached to: Bicycle Bottle System Condenses Humidity From Air Into Drinkable Water
As I have mentioned before, I am an avid bicycle rider... https://nationalbikechallenge....

I have also ridden more than 100 miles in less than 7 hours...

I have also ridden at a speed of more than 20 miles an hour for almost 22 miles...

I would never plan a bicycle ride for where I was not prepared for proper hydration. I don't think any athlete would. I plan rides for where I can stop for water...

Any ride less than 50 miles for me even in the heat and humidity, a standard water bottle that will fit in a standard bicycle bottle cage, is plenty of water. I would say any ride more than 50 miles, any one would plan for stops where you can get water.

Carrying this device on long trips would not be practical, nor worth it.


Comment: Re:Doesn't distilled water taste horrible though? (Score 0) 167

by NathanWoodruff (#48422921) Attached to: Bicycle Bottle System Condenses Humidity From Air Into Drinkable Water
I am a very avid bicycle rider https://nationalbikechallenge....

I came in 1,829 place of almost 50,000 bicycle riders entered into the challenge this year.

I have ridden close to 3,500 miles this year. I have ridden more then 2,300 miles from May to September of this year.

This device would be far to heavy to carry on your bicycle for the little water that it would produce. I also doubt that the battery would last that long to produce enough water. It would be far easier just to carry another water bottle in its place.

If you live in some very rural place with no water and your only means of travel would be by bicycle and you can carry batteries or keep some rechargeable recharged this might be viable. But you would have to wait a really long time for the bottle to fill. By that time you could have ridden to some place that actually had water.


Comment: Re:4-8 LITERS?! (Score 0) 90

Yes, all of those horror movies are wrong.
I have given over 6 gallons of blood in my life time. The most you can give is a pint of blood. One time I was giving blood and the collection bag that his hung on a metal hook broke and dropped to the floor along with the needle that was in my arm. The person that stuck the needle in my arm(I can't remember the medical term for the person at the moment) wasn't sure if the plastic tab was ripped before its use or was torn when the plastic bag was hung on the medal hanger..
But, I had only given 1/4 of a pint of blood, so they got a new bag, a new needle and stuck my other arm. Now I only gave a pint and 1/4 but when I was walking out of the place, I was dizzy, lethargic, and all I wanted to do the rest of the day was go home and sleep. Giving blood never affected me like that before or since. It was that extra 1/4 pint that did it to me. A pint and a half of blood and you would be passing out..
So yes, those movies are all wrong. .
The one movie that is really wrong is Mel Gibson's "The Passion of Christ". In the movie towards the end when he is being hung on the cross, it looks like Christ has lost about 2 gallons of blood. You don't have that much blood in you and well before that time, he would have passed out. Any one would have passed out..

Comment: Re:Add up the facts and let Occam's razor decide (Score 0) 126

Surprise... Nothing was found..... Good guess though.

I can tell that you are highly knowledgeable about the subject. You may even be in the business. But, all the people searching for the aircraft are also in the business and have come up with ..... Nothing.

Sometimes being in the business prevents you from thinking outside the box. I'm not in the business. I'm not even that knowledgeable about the subject. To me as I see it, switching off equipment to avoid being tracked, in a certain sequence, not all at the same time, tells me it was planned.

True, pulling fuzes to avoid additional fires is common, but then you pull them all at once, every one of them. Not in a certain sequence. Even if you did start pulling them and it took time to find them all because of a fire, you don't go out of your way after that to avoid radar. If in a fire situation at that point, you are not concerned with radar, as you stated... you are flying the aircraft.

I know with you being in the business or even a pilot yourself, you probably think my theory is unimaginable. But place yourself outside of the box and an outside influence happened that is never likely to happen at all, like money being involved or something else, and the unimaginable happened.

You continue the think the most likely to happen as with everyone else, and nothing has been found at all. Now thinking the most unlikely and what do you get.... something like I am telling you.

Comment: Re:Add up the facts and let Occam's razor decide (Score 0) 126

My point again. There was at least one person alive that knew how to fly the airplane that made the course corrections to avoid radar.

You don't avoid radar if you are under duress of a hijacking or looking for an airport to land at because of fire. You are avoiding radar because you don't want to be found. Then again, (as the parent states and the grandparent see differently) maybe the pilot was taking the plane to Africa to sell for parts, and the two people aboard had nothing to do with it.

It will still be found off the coast of Africa because it ran out of fuel.

Comment: Add up the facts and let Occum's razor decide (Score 0) 126

Fact 1. There were two people on the plane headed to Europe. You don't go to Europe via China.
Fact 2. They were flying under assumed names, stolen/purchase passports. They had money and connections..
Fact 3. The airplane made an unscheduled turn off of the flight path via the pilot. Possibly under duress possibly not..
Fact 4. The two people going to Europe were cleared from terroristic activity. .
Fact 5. The plane flew for another 5 to 7 hours after the unscheduled turn off of flight path..
Fact 6. The only people capable of flying the brand new aircraft where the pilot and co-pilot. Further course corrections verifies that the pilot survived to the end..
Fact 7. The only people capable of knowing the correct sequence of what to turn off to avoid being detected were the pilot and or co-pilot. Under duress that sequence would not have happened. And this is the most important fact, the pilot was not under duress..
Fact 8. For the plane to make it to Europe even if being hijacked, it would need to be refueled. .
Simplest answer to all the facts:.
Pilot was paid to make the unscheduled change in flight. The pilot after years and years of flying was going after his final payday. And it was probably an offer he couldn't refuse..
The pilot knowing that the plane needs to be refueled would know the best places to refuel. The middle east is not the best place to obtain fuel undetected, especially with the presents of military forces and all radar use in the area. They were trying to avoid radar just after takeoff..
Best places to land and refuel, Africa. It is only slightly out of the way to Europe. The one problem, The plane didn't have the range that the pilot thought it had. .
The plane was ditched 100 or so miles off the coast of Tanzania, or Madagascar. They ran out of fuel..
You don't go flying an airplane for 5 to 7 hours just to ditch the plane the farthest place from all human existence. 5 to 7 hours is a long time to contemplate your death. Flying for 5 to 7 hours more, there was a destination to get to. Who knows the final destination but they were flying to get somewhere..
If the intention was to commit suicide and take all passengers with you, you do it as quick as you can. People that blow themselves up in a market square, don't walk in order coffee and sit there for 5 to 7 hours waiting for the best time to blow themselves up. You walk in look for the best place and get the job done..
Also why do it out over open water when you can do it near land or on land and make a statement too? .
I also said this on April 7th...

Comment: Re:Quid pro quo (Score 0) 187

by NathanWoodruff (#46889021) Attached to: Grading Software Fooled By Nonsense Essay Generator
I went to Georgia State University way back when. I was going as a CS major and I was taking a Chemistry class as an elective. I was doing horrible in Chemistry as I was a full time student and had a full time job too.

I struggled through the class and the lab. For some reason the final exam was in the computer lab. As I found out the exam was on the computer and had a time limit of 4 hours. To show how long ago it was, the exam was on commodore 64's.

It was a 200 question test and multiple choice. I struggled through the first 15 questions for almost the first hour. I decided that I was never going to finish the exam in time. I had fooled around with commodore's prior and knew the execute break sequence.

It dropped me to a command prompt and I started looking through the code to change it so no matter which answer I gave it was always correct. 10 minutes of searching through the code, I found where it matched up responses to questions. The bad news if anyone remembers programming for commodore basic is that you could lock the program memory.

The good news was that I found the variables holding the question I was on and the number of questions that I got correct. I set the next question equal to 200 and the number correct to 199.

I sat around for almost another hour. Then at the command prompt typed "run" and pressed enter. A screen popped up stating that I completed the test with one missed answer at a time of just over 2 hours.

I got an A in the class and nobody ever questioned my final exam test.....

Was that moral?

Comment: Re:So many guesses. May I apply reverse logic? (Score -1) 233

The one thing that you are forgetting is willful rerouting. Say the pilot is looking for a payday of all paydays.

There were two people going to Europe. They had fake passports to board the plane. Somehow there were going to Europe AND not through China. China is the wrong direction for them. They were not the type to hijack the plane nor had experience to fly the plane if they actually did that. They have been cleared.

But say they had money to bribe the pilot to go to Europe. What is the best path to make it to Europe undetected. You don't fly through the middle east AND you are going to need a place to refuel. It would be much easier to refuel in Africa than in the Middle East somewhere.

The plane is off the coast of Tanzania or Madagascar. They were hoping that there was enough fuel to make it but had to ditch it a few 100 miles off the coast of either one. It wasn't a hijacking, but a paid rerouting.

That is where the plane will turn up in a few years. Oh and the satellite data they have isn't correct. Well, it is correct but it wasn't plotted correctly.

Comment: Re:They were busy (Score -1) 196

by NathanWoodruff (#46664775) Attached to: Five-Year-Old Uncovers Xbox One Login Flaw
It sounds like an old Window 95/98 flaw that was almost similar. When signing on to a user account, a dialog box would pop up with the user id already filled in. Type in a wrong password, it would give you an error dialog box that you had to press "Enter". When enter was pressed it would clear out the user id and password. If enter was pressed again without entering a user id and password... it would sign you in to what ever account you were originally trying to sign in to.

Comment: Re:really? really. (Score -1) 558

I agree. As what the doctors are now saying that is wrong behavior as in not talking, will one day be seen as something that will change later on when in more social environments, just as I did. As for being a leftie, at least you can sit next to your SO at a table and not bump arms while eating.

Comment: Re:really? really. (Score -1) 558

My son has been diagnosed with autism because he doesn't talk to anybody and he is 3 1/2. The problem is he just doesn't feel like talking. I was the same way when I was a kid. My mom says that I really didn't start talking until I was 5 years old and had started school.

Nowadays that gets you labeled as "Autistic".

At 2 years old, I taught him how to say the alphabet. At 2 1/2 years old I had him writing the alphabet. I don't know many children his age that can write the alphabet even now.

I read to him now every weekend that I have him. As I read the book to him, he points at the correct words that I read. That to me says that he is smarter than average.

If he generally wants something, he will point at it and say nothing. He has done that most of the time in the doctors office when they try to evaluate him. He will speak if made to as when he wants me to pick him up, he will come to me and tug on my arm. I will wait till he says "Up" before I pick him up. I most times have to ask him what he wants a time or two but will usually say it in a minute or two. Oh and his mother only speaks Spanish, so that might also be confusing to him too.

I know that he is smart because his mother will put on a Dora DVD at night for him to go to sleep and turn the volume all the way down not to disturb her other children. He has recently started saying out loud, the entire dialog of the video as it plays when there is no audio. So, not only can he speak, but he can remember the entire spoken content of a 2 hour video at age 3 1/2.

He will be fine, just as I was.

Comment: Re:A good analogy: the sniper (Score -1) 158

It does not hold true. Gwinnett county, Georgia USA.

Neighbor to the right of my girlfriend shot in the chest in his home January 1st 2013 1am from a 9mm bullet that came through the exterior wall. Dies approximately 1 hour later at hospital.

January 1st 12:30am approximately(half hour earlier), neighbor across the street hearing celebratory gunfire from the apartment complex behind his house, the son of the owner of the house walks outside with fathers 9mm fires 5 shots into the ground emptying the clip in more celebratory gunfire. Then goes back inside. More shots are heard from around the neighborhood.

January 1st 1:15am approximately, Gwinnett county police find 5 casings and 5 spent bullets in the ground, arrest the father, the home owner and registered owner of the gun. The fatally shot bullet is too marred to make a positive match. In court it was determined that the trajectory the bullet took was in a downward path. The owner of the home that got shot and died house is 30 feet higher up on a hill than the neighbor across the street who was shooting into the ground.

The apartment complex behind the house of the neighbor across the street is up on a hill more than 50 to 60 feet up and more than 100 feet away through a bunch of trees. It was determined that the apartment complex was more than 20 feet higher than house of the owner that got shot providing a downward trajectory.

Didn't matter. The father, the home owner and owner of the gun is now serving 3 1/2 years in prison for a murder that he didn't commit. His son, late 20's early 30's should have known better. The father should have known better. It is a very unfortunate series of events that many people involved should have known better.

I don't know the full case but 3 1/2 years for murder doesn't seem like they convicted him on murder charges.

But in this case, the home owner was in fact held liable.

here is a map of the house

And anyone good at searching addresses, here is the address of the courts

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