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Comment Re:Unified beliefs (Score 1) 383 383

That's not completely true. Take for example the most recent diplomatic leaks. While they have provided a fascinating look into the world of international politics, some of the info they posted was down right dangerous. For instance, Iran now knows that its neighbors wants the U.S. to attack. What is that going to do to the already dangerous situation there? On the same token, North Korea has been told that China, their biggest ally, would consider abandoning it. Assange really should not have leaked some of these documents. We don't need to know everything, and we shouldn't know some things.

Comment Re:Suing for what exactly? (Score 2) 319 319

The publishers agreed to Apple's license agreement before they submitted the app to the App Store. If they didn't bother to read it then too bad for them, but don't go crying to the government over it. There are plenty of other methods other than the App Store to get the magazine on the iPhone.

Comment Re:Justin Bieber (Score 1) 191 191

Not odd at all. If trending topics was based on number of tweets only, then the tt section would constantly be Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, cat, etc. By using the current system, it lets topics that are currently growing (trending) get on the list even if they are not the most talked about topics.

Comment Re:3 cheers for Land of the Free!! (Score 1) 794 794

All countries have their problems. There is not one single country on Earth that hasn't done something bad during their existence. I'm proud of the ideals that America stands for. The leaders of the country don't always act the way they should, but I still support the ideas in the Declaration and the Constitution.

Comment Re:What next in the arms race? No Google results? (Score 1) 488 488

In case you didn't know, the DNS host stopped hosting WikiLeaks voluntarily because they didn't want to deal with the DDoS attacks. Also, do you really want Anarchy? Really? It will work fine...until someone wants power and takes it. Then you would have a fascist state.

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