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+ - Avoiding Red Lights by Booking Ahead->

Submitted by RedEaredSlider
RedEaredSlider writes: Peter Stone, associate professor of computer science at the University of Texas at Austin, has presented an idea at the AAAS meeting today for managing intersections: a computer in a car calls ahead to the nearest intersection it is headed towards, and says it will arrive at a given time. The intersection checks to see if anyone else is arriving then, and if the slot is open, it tells the car to proceed. If it isn't, it tells the car that and the car is responsible for slowing down or stopping.

He says that even with only a few connected cars, the system still works, even if the benefits are still only to those who have the connected vehicles.

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Comment: Re:+1000. Goodbye Moto, Hello HTC (Score 2, Insightful) 757

by Name Anonymous (#32914346) Attached to: Droid X Self-Destructs If You Try To Mod


This is what can be done when you don't shut out your customers - I am an HTC purchaser for life now.

Or until HTC does something really stupid and doesn't back down. There are many companies who used to be great, then they changed. I'm not saying HTC will change in a bad way, but you just never know.

Comment: Re:Ignorance abounds (Score 1) 559

by Name Anonymous (#31954028) Attached to: Google Street View Logs Wi-Fi Networks, MAC Addresses

In regards to Streetview itself and recording SSIDs and such, there is simply no privacy concerns. When you are in public, people can see you. When you broadcast signals, people can receive them. If you don't want to be seen, don't go out in public. If you don't want people to see the SSID of your AP, don't broadcast it.

If you're not broadcasting the SSID and are using some form of encryption, is Google still getting this data? I would hope not, because at that point, they're dealing with data that has not been made public.

Comment: Will this change the meaning? (Score 1) 323

by Name Anonymous (#29909169) Attached to: Amazon Patents Changing Authors' Words
Many words have multiple meanings. Will Amazon pick the synonym that has a compatible meaning? Or will they change the work totally?

Also what if a word they pick is also the name of an item? This would break the work they modified.

An example works for both: "Grill" do they mean to cook or to interrogate? And what if it is a grill as in the item to cook with?

And as for changing the spelling of words, well what if it becomes another word? Or maybe it gets changed into a name used in the book - this would cause confusion. And what about people learning the wrong spelling for words?

Of course there is also the issue of possibly violating the authors copyright by changing the work in question.

Comment: TelTech is in the protection racket. (Score 1) 399

by Name Anonymous (#26901337) Attached to: TrapCall Service To Bypass Caller ID Blocking
From the linked article:
He also expects his new business will be good for his old one.
"The only way to block your number after this is released is to use Spoofcard," he says with a laugh.

Basically the TrapCall service is extortion to get people to buy their SpoofCard service.

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