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Comment: Re:I sincerely hope the 1st Amendment is bulletpro (Score 1) 367 367

Did you just argue that preventing States from letting gay people get married is expanding the State and "screwing" liberty, justice and freedom?

Generally speaking, when SCOTUS says "No, you can't pass laws preventing consenting adults from doing X", it's defending freedom, not restricting it. Unless your concern is the freedom of State governments, in which case we, the people, don't give a shit. The States exist to serve us, not vice versa.

Comment: Re:Just in time (Score 1) 155 155

Not sure about the GP, but I interpreted it as being about Microsoft moving to a subscription service, which Windows doesn't fit into. The sentence was:

Which is where Windows is now. Windows is declining, and as Microsoft moves to the subscription model, will die even faster.

That's the exact opposite of him saying "Windows is switching to a subscription model". He's saying "Windows will die, because Microsoft is moving to a subscription model". If he was arguing Windows was switching to a subscription model, he wouldn't be arguing Windows will die as a result of Microsoft moving to one, would he?

I would be interested in his reasons, but I suspect the logic is something related to the cross platform nature of most cloud hosted offerings, which Office 365 is an example of. If you can use Office on a ChromeBook, you have less need to use Windows. And if you're trying to make money by selling subscriptions, ensuring everyone has 24/7 access regardless of device is probably a good idea and a major selling point.

Comment: Re:I sincerely hope the 1st Amendment is bulletpro (Score 4, Insightful) 367 367

Good luck, Judges hate it when you try to be "clever" with tricks like that, and rarely rule in your favor. Also don't forget that the diagram is already technically broken into parts (individual bits) by virtue of being digitized and sent through the Internet anyway, so that particular attempt to circumvent a ban is unlikely to work with any law as effectively written.

Comment: Re:I sincerely hope the 1st Amendment is bulletpro (Score 2) 367 367

I don't know about that, were the ACM provisions of the DMCA (the part that in theory banned DeCSS) ever declared to be in breach of the first amendment? I recall we "lost" that legal fight, even if DeCSS's ubiquity meant it ended up being a Pyhrric victory for the DVD-CCA.

Legally I suspect they can "ban" 3D gun blueprints if stored in some computer parsable form. Practically, of course, they'll find that hard to enforce.

Comment: Re:You don't understand the universe (Score 1) 232 232

And why do you think they'll out compete people taught to be flexible and open minded?

Because in practice, that default position morphs into "incapable of critical thinking about objective reality and causality, and spending your life trying to make sense of the world while being poisoned with a crippling case of mixed premises and moral relativism" - that's why. Being open to new facts is important and wonderful. But being an intellectual invertebrate is unfortunately what's generally being indoctrinated.

Comment: Re:The reason is more simple (Score 5, Informative) 646 646

That's one of two major factors, and yeah, even if one is solved, the other has to be to.

My next vehicle would be an electric except:

1. Price, as you mention. New - yeah, I guess the lowest end electrics compare to mid-priced vehicles, when subsidized, but it's still a price difference measured in many, many, thousands. But used? Forget it. And I'll be honest, I'm a used car buyer. I can't afford tens of thousands of dollars for a new vehicle.

2. There's a good chance the vehicle that'll need replacing will be the minivan. There are no electric minivans.

We need both a wide range of useful vehicles, and prices to be reasonable. It's hard to believe that it's not practical to build an electric vehicle with a 100 mile range for a price comparable to a gasoline powered vehicle of similar specification.

Comment: Re:Indeed (Score 1) 383 383

(FFS: An obvious troll is modded +5 Insightful, and virtually everyone calling them on it is modded down through the floor. That's moderation abuse. See you in metamod...)

This little loaded troll is +5 Insightful? The one that calls a harassment campaign that's trying to silence women (and other minorities) in tech and their supporters through threats of violence "free minded geeks", and those who oppose them "authoritarian" and "apologists for censorship"? Because constant threats of violence is somehow pro-free speech, and encouraging people to evaluate games, highlighting problematic aspects, and encouraging developers to produce more interesting work is pro-censorship?

There are countries out there that welcome the "MRA/Republican/Stormfront/Racist/Misogyno-nerds" (a fairly decent description of a campaign of relentless online terror against women, blacks, and left wingers) and others that make up your little cesspool - the countries that support the kind of terror you inflict on those who refuse to kowtow to your demands. An Iranian actor just had to apologize for tweeting support for the Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling. Russia continues to push the bar as far as imprisoning gay people for being gay in public. Saudi Arabia punishes women for invading your traditional male space by, you know, driving and stuff.

Those are countries you guys would love. Why don't you fuck off there, and let the rest of us enjoy a diverse community in which people don't get rape and death threats for criticizing the Hitman video game?

Comment: Re:Indeed (Score 0) 383 383

Christ, try being original with your trolling


It's been repeatedly proven that the "harassment" has been the professional victims using alternate accounts to send themselves messages - and it's also why none of these supposed "threats" have ever been reported to the police.

That's a complete lie. But it is what Gamergaters tell newcomers so they can feel good about supporting a campaign of harassment.

Do you feel good about not merely ignoring the high profile threats and harassment prominent women in tech are experiencing, but also smearing the victims as liars, and spreading false stories to try to get people to disbelieve them?

Comment: Re:Harrassment and frivolity (Score 1) 97 97

OK, but the settlement is unlikely to be for more than pennies (we're talking Youtube royalties here), so what lawyer is likely to take on the case?

Despite the view of many that the legal system is some kind of lottery where you can win arbitrary amounts of cash, the reality is that the civil system generally works on the basis of damages with any punitive element being small or non-existent. Most of the time the high awards you hear about for some injury or another are a product of high medical bills being involved, not because a judge wanted to make Macy's pay for having slippery floors (or whatever.)

Comment: Re:Indeed (Score 4, Insightful) 383 383

Got any evidence ?

Plenty. You can start here.

Nobody's trying to "smear" GamerGate, we read what you write in your own words on 8chan, /r/KIA, and under the #gamergate hashtag.

Your entire movement started when Adam Baldwin tweeted links to YouTube videos smearing a female game dev's sex life because her ex-boyfriend wanted to run a hate campaign against her. That information is public domain. It's not something I just made up. It's the ORIGINS OF GAMERGATE. It's where the hashtag came from.

Forget the links I point to you above, take a look at the last few articles on Slashdot concerning gender - concerning subjects as minor and unthreatening as whether marketing a chemistry set specifically at girls might have the opposite affect to that intended (ie doing so might decrease interest by girls.) Something many of us would like to discuss, but can't, because you fuckers SHITPOST over EVERY. SINGLE. DISCUSSION, doing your absolute best to discourage anyone from even discussing the subject by flooding the comments section with misogynist trolls and off topic bullshit.

If you really are so stupid as to think that GamerGate is something to do with Ethics in Gaming Journalism, you might want to actually look into the movement. You might even want to look at the "journalists" it allies itself with.

Because if it did, it wouldn't:

- Do everything possible to prevent discussions of women in tech. Because that has nothing to do with "ethics in gaming journalism".

- Harass female game devs constantly, because that has nothing to do with "ethics in gaming journalism".

- Talk non stop about so-called "SJWs" and never mention journalists. Because that has nothing to do with "ethics in gaming journalism".

- Demand Slashdot ban discussions related to diversity in tech. Because that has nothing to do with "ethics in gaming journalism".

- Call JACK THOMPSON "BASED DAD", a lawyer who has actually tried to ban games, while calling Anita Sarkeesian a "censor" or "authoritarian", because she produced a video identifying tropes she feels are sexist in various video games. Because that has nothing to do with "ethics in gaming journalism".

- Support the "journalism" of Milo Yiannopoulos, because he certainly has NOTHING to do with "ethics in (ANY) journalism" FFS.

- Pretend a mass harassment campaign against prominent women in journalism is not going on, pretending instead it's some kind of fund raising stunt (even though it doesn't apparently help any of the targets that it's going on), because that has nothing to do with "ethics in gaming journalism".

Do you get the picture?

"Poor man... he was like an employee to me." -- The police commisioner on "Sledge Hammer" laments the death of his bodyguard