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+ - PHP5 framework Symfony version 1.1 is out-> 1

Submitted by
francoisz writes "The symfony web application framework finally released its 1.1 version today, a year and a half after the 1.0 release. What took so long is a complete architecture overhaul, and that makes symfony a very robust framework. The new release also packages a handful of new features, such as a true MVC Form system and a new task system. Symfony compares to Django and Ruby on Rails as being the PHP framework of choice for professionals. Since it powers Yahoo! Answers and hundreds of other websites, symfony is worth at least a look."
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+ - 25 year old BSD bug finally fixed

Submitted by NaishWS
NaishWS (1263540) writes "Marc Balmer has just found a 25-year-old flaw that would occur when using Samba to serve files off an MS-DOS file system causing the system to crash. He found it when an OpenBSD user emailed him about the issue, this was then traced to a workaround Samba used to function correctly on BSD systems. This bug has been in every BSD system, including Mac OS X for 25 years. Balmer states that the fix was quite trivial and jokingly apologised for it taking 25 years to fix."

Youngsters Skip DVR Ads Less Than Seniors 460

Posted by kdawson
from the thumb-cramps dept.
Dekortage writes "Analyzing DVR viewing research, Ad Age has noted something unexpected: older DVR users are more likely to skip ads than younger DVR users. The skew is particularly apparent among men: 50% of seniors skipping all the ads, but only 20% of teens do so. Women of any age group tend to be around 35%. Ad Age hypothesizes that younger viewers 'just pay attention to other media when the ads are on TV or, worse yet, perhaps the TV is just 'background music'... I always thought that ad skipping was a major benefit of DVRs. Do you skip all the ads?"

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