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Comment: Re:so SkyNet is really a Wall Street computer? (Score 1) 331

by Evangelion (#37353690) Attached to: Algorithmic Trading Rapidly Replacing Need For Humans

Thanks for not understanding how evolution, or the mind for that matter, works.

We have facilities for communication and self-identity largely as a result of being hunters -- being able to "run a model" of our prey in our minds was massively useful. This structure then got applied to the self, and so the ego was born. (This is one of the currently en vogue evolutionary explanations for the rise of consciousness -- obviously not a subject you can create causal experiments to test easily).

What evolutionary pressures are there for creating self-awareness in algorithmic trading applications (given that it would necessarily be less efficient, and likely introduce errors)?

Comment: So what does this do different? (Score 5, Insightful) 250

by Evangelion (#37352256) Attached to: Google To Introduce New Programming Language — Dart

I'm kind of confused as to where google is going these days.

Is this just a side effect of hiring too many bored CS graduates -- put enough in a room together and they come up with their own languages?

I just can't see this being used outside of google -- Web Programming is largely a solved problem, and there are already a plethora of options. Since MS and Apple won't touch anything that comes out of Google, it'll only ever be relevant on the server side -- which is where there are already too many options.

Unless this does something radical -- and judging by what Go was, I doubt it -- this will probably be a niche thing they use internally.

Comment: Re:Nothing to surprising (Score 3, Insightful) 1271

by Evangelion (#37326784) Attached to: Marx May Have Had a Point

Who was "we"?

Wealthy capitalists pretty much spent the first half of the twentieth century indoctrinating every western culture they could into believing communism and socialism are capital-E Evil. Some places the propaganda took better than others.

This is a direct factor in why the healthcare debate in the states is so broken. When a good portion of your culture genuinely believes that socialism is absolutely Evil, trying to build a modern system to help them is difficult.

The silly thing is, is that there are huge sections of the US that are entirely funded by tax dollars (and they aren't necessarily what you think), but to ever acknowledge that in public, and to try and make it better, given that it is what it is, is heretical.

Comment: Re:Now to be fair (Score 1) 10

by FortKnox (#28529827) Attached to: My solution to the people bitching (again) about M$ vs MS
From what I understand the reason people get offended is that M$ implies there is something evil about making $$$.

I just get offended by people saying 'M$' because it paints the Linux community as a bunch of pimply-faced teenage dorks that think that calling Microsoft 'M$' is like the greatest insult in the world. I use Linux at work. It's a great developer platform. I use it t home for my server. Great at that, too. Just have a windows box for games. So you can call me a Linux geek... but I hate two things about the linux community:
Those that insult proprietary companies like a kid would
Those that insult others trying to learn Linux (if someone was to say "RTFM" to a newbie in real life, I'd kick him in the nards)

Comment: Pull Out? (Score 1) 57

by FortKnox (#28270515) Attached to: 401k scam
Really? 401k is a retirement, long-term investment. The market goes up and down, so unless you plan on cashing out your 401k TODAY or next year, I say now is the time to put MORE into the 401k. It's the stock market! When it's low, put in more money, when it's high sell off!

Never ever ever react to a sudden change in the stock market on a long term investment, unless it's something like enron...

Comment: Re:I'm in the crackberry camp (Score 1) 19

by FortKnox (#27906327) Attached to: iPhone 3G, Crackberry, or Android?
I'm in the iPhone camp and have both of these apps on my iPhone.

The only reason I'd flip to android is that I can write java apps to the android... if you want to write an app to your iPhone, its objective-C, which I know you probably prefer, Barbie, but I'm a java guy ;)
Another advantage of iPhone is maturity. The androids are still level 1.0. I like to wait for the next gen (which is why I have an iPhone 3G, and never had the original iPhone).

Comment: Re:Is your boss related to your landlord? (Score 1) 36

by FortKnox (#27819563) Attached to: "Find someone else's bug or else I'll cut your pay 20%"
LOL! Love the subject, johndiii :D

As with everyone, I'm surprised you lasted this long. A threat to pay is a last resort, company will fall out from under you if you leave, kind of threat, or a threat to someone you want to quit so you don't have to go through any company policy severance...

If you are looking for a job in the states, let me know. My company always appreciates a good developer, and we do placement jobs if you don't want consulting.

Comment: Sorry I'm late... (Score 1) 45

by FortKnox (#27700999) Attached to: Personal this time.
... now that messages are on the front page (or I just found them), I'm late to the party, but allow me to also say "I'm here if you need anything."

I'm a big believer in marriage, and I hope you've tried counseling with both of you before you (will or already have) hung it up.

Best of luck. This is a time thing... it'll take time to get through it all, and you never may get through it entirely, but know there are others out there to help you through it.

Comment: Apps... (Score 1) 10

by FortKnox (#27586315) Attached to: New iPhone!
Apps worth having:
  • TwitterFon: I've tried a variety of twitter apps, fon is free and the best
  • Wikipanion: Free wikipedia app that makes it much easier to read wikipedia from the phone
  • PNC Mobile: Or any other bank app... if you like to keep track of your banking on the fly
  • iFitness: The only app I've purchased. If you work out and want to keep track, its the best out there.
  • WebMD: If you do webMD, this has the symptom app already built in
  • Great app (huuuge 35MB!), but its all offline with pronunciations.
  • Shazam & Midomi: Want to know who sings that song with a link to iTunes?
  • Stanza: Free online books (download and read on the phone)
  • TWC: Local weather + weather channel forecast movies
  • Lightsaber: Fun toy ;)
  • Trace, CubeRunner, TapDefense are the games I've played and kept
  • DirectTV: If you have direct tv, you can log in and set your machine to record shows and stuff

That's my list. I haven't found a decent free chess game (with AI... there are some free online ones, I believe), and there are too many pay ones for me to look at, but if you find a winner, let me know. Sudoku apps are a dime a dozen...

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