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Comment WP Foundation Development Model Adds to Problem (Score 1) 51

WordPress as a platform targets the easy-to-use market and thus has a lot of site admins who are not savvy IT people. The auto-update system built into WordPress addressed a large part of the security problem, namely people who don't actively update their software.

One glaring shortcoming to the WordPress development model is that they don't keep a set of stable releases. The WP core group wants you to stay on the most recent head version to be secure. In practice they have patched previous releases going all the way back to 3.8 but you definitely get the feeling that this is a half-hearted stop gap while they brow-beat you up to the head version.

Linux distros went through this growing pain 15 years ago with the introduction of enterprise distributions. It is about time that the WordPress foundation recognize that they are no longer a small time blog package. They need to introduce long term supported releases for the stability of their platform.

Comment No chance (Score 2) 458

A lot of candidates are said to have no chance of winning the election. Here we have an actual case of no chance.

In Lessig's case it's less than no chance, it is negative chance. Every time he runs one of these stunts his cause is hurt more than it is helped.

Tell me how well Lessig's Mayday PAC is doing these days. How many super pacs has he ended with it?

Comment Re:Backers don't want DRM (Score 3, Insightful) 128

Because the vast majority of people saying they want a device without DRM don't understand that all of the CONTENT that they want (netflix, hulu, amazon video, etc) is using DRM.

So while firefox was smart enough to end a product that will be universally panned by reviewers, they are stupid to think that they can copy whatever Google does.

Comment Re:How crazy (Score 0, Troll) 135

There's a big difference between scanning files and collecting them.

When they find a suspicious binary running and attacking other computers on the network, how do you propose to examine it without collecting it?

You are just proving my point that alarmists know nothing about how IT works.

Comment Not going to happen (Score 0, Flamebait) 74

Sorry Mozilla, you have poisoned the well for many developers. The whole Brendan Eich situation and your cowering to the social justice warriors makes me not only avoid your products, but actively remind people that you are a sleazy political organization first, with a browser tool far second. Google's heart isn't much better but at least they have tact in their public relations.

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