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+ - Mother Calls for End to Tumblr 'Suicide Blogs' Following Daughter's Death->

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An anonymous reader writes "The mother of a teenage girl who committed suicide has said more action needs to be taken to stop vulnerable people viewing self-harm or 'suicide blogs' online.

Sarah Wilson, whose 15-year-old daughter Tallulah died after being hit by a train, said she felt she was unable to help her daughter after she had fallen into the "clutches of a toxic digital world". An inquest into the teenager's death said Tallulah, from West Hampstead, north west London, died after she had an argument with her mother when she deleted her Tumblr account, where she would post pictures of her self-harming."

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+ - Why Whistleblowers Cannot Get a Fair Trial->

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phantomfive (622387) writes ""Seven whistleblowers have been prosecuted under the Obama administration," writes Jesselyn Radack, a lawyer who advised two of them. She explains why they can't get a fair trial. In the Thomas Drake case, the administration retroactively marked documents as classified, saying, "he knew they should have been classified." In the Bradley Manning case, the jury wasn't allowed to see what information was leaked. The defendants, all who have been charged with espionage, have limited access to court documents. Most of these problems happen because the law was written to deal with traitorous spies, not whistleblowers."
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Comment: You seem to have it wrong (Score 4, Informative) 465

Not law enforcement or tax men but Hair dressers, middle managers, business men who spout nothing but buzz words in other words idiots.
Idiots who adopted the leaf as a form of currency and then set about preventing inflation by burning down the forests around them.
The only group that was exiled inappropriately were the janitors, Telephone sanitizers to be specific..
Also the leftovers did not form a civilization they went feral breeding with the native cavemen and leaving no trace in the fossil record of their base civilization and ultimately corrupting the program of the biocomputer Earth.
Go through the source material more than once before you make claims about the political meanings of science fiction.

Comment: Re:What do you expect? (Score 1) 189

by N_Piper (#44727287) Attached to: <em>Mechwarrior Online</em> Developer Redefines Community Warfare
Neither here or there...
Duke Nukem Forever has the stink of development hell all over it.
Compare it to other games that got stuck there and it is pretty similar, Daikatana, Too Human, The Bureau: Xcom declassified, Ailens: Colonial Marines.
After a certain point of time in development a game is guaranteed to ship incomplete and buggy.

Comment: What are YOU smoking? (Score 5, Interesting) 189

by N_Piper (#44726429) Attached to: <em>Mechwarrior Online</em> Developer Redefines Community Warfare
How about the part where the guy doing the "Ask the Devs" thread regularly take on questions that he answers with something along the lines of I don't know.
Or that the Community Manager's only apparent contribution is getting big names in the "Let's Play" and Game reviewing to make videos of the game... Reference Video
Or that instead of a Valve style change log the updates instead focus almost exclusively on purchasable content, there wasn't even a foot note when all the weapon sound effects were changed.
Do I even need to bring up the cluster fuck that is ECM? Bringing in the Raven mech whose role as a dedicated ECM platform is somewhat undercut by the fact that only one of the three versions can mount ECM at all was a bad idea made worse by the fact that ECM was totally overpowered to the point of totally disrupting the team alliance indicators making it impossible to tell who you were shooting at.
Also to remind you the Hero Mech design are Cash money only variants different from any acquired with in game currency that also have a bonus to exp and in game currency.
Really though the main gist of the post is that PGI has failed to keep people happy or to even make enough empty promises to hold off full out rioting, Remember back a few months ago when PGI went ahead and deleted over half the official forums because it was getting unruly, Or we can look at the bottom half of this post where they admit things are getting so abusive that they are considering calling police on some commentors...
That is not a well managed community, not at all.
I play in a group and have seen several Gold Founders (people who paid $120 to get into the closed beta) walk away in disgust or boredom.
Things are going downhill.

Comment: Re:As I sit here pondering.... (Score 1) 233

by N_Piper (#44124937) Attached to: RC Plane Attack 'Foiled,' Say German Authorities
Because the Islamic extremists were American citizens and they have an apparently god given right to buy reloading powder same day no a background check or even so much as a name.
They take more info on the pawn receipt for the watch then the bullets in the gun to mug the guy with.
Not that I feel it should all be tracked and watched but some people, to be frank myself included, should not have access to these things.

Comment: Re:Gov. Work (Score 3, Insightful) 814

by N_Piper (#44018039) Attached to: Transgendered Folks Encountering Document/Database ID Hassles
You can't believe something that has only been able to be talked about in public for less than 15 years (legal homosexsual marage) wasn't in your lowest bidder made, god knows how old Government computer system?
I'll admit I don't know everything about Canada but I thought cynicism to Bureaucratic BS was taught everywhere.
I understand apologising but if that sort of oversight is actually surprising to you, well I'll just say get used to it.

Comment: Re:Think About It This Way (Score 2) 656

by N_Piper (#43874871) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Important Is Advanced Math In a CS Degree?
As a 30-ish adult trying to get into the industry who has gone through trade schooling I cannot say this emphatically enough
F-you you elitist so-and-so your type are why I am literally going hungry
Not all of us made the correct choice in College or have the time and money to go back.
My blue collar resume and tech school are all I have and somehow you think my education is a character fault?
Where the hell do you get off?

FORTRAN rots the brain. -- John McQuillin