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Comment: For those who haven't RTFA (Score 5, Informative) 119

by NPerez (#33026378) Attached to: Study of MMOG Proves Human Interaction Theory
I scanned through it quickly & my understanding is that this is more specifically studying the avoidance of friendships with friends of enemies. That's a little more complicated & interesting than simply 'avoiding stressful relationships'. It is a little obvious, but it says a lot about the formation of social groups & how they become divided.

Comment: Seems reasonable to me. (Score 3, Informative) 182

by NPerez (#32140234) Attached to: Games Workshop Sues <em>Warhammer Online</em> Fansite
Rather than hopping on the 'Screw GW!' bandwagon, I actually decided to rtfa and look into the situation.

The site was originally a fan-site, and it was welcomed by GW. Then it was bought out by a corporation called Curse. Curse is running it with intent to make profit. It's common sense that a for-profit site with 'Warhammer' in the name is not exactly fair business.

It's not a fan-site anymore. It's a corporate asset

Comment: Who cares? (Score 1) 298

by NPerez (#31042558) Attached to: Google Docs Replaces OpenOffice In Ubuntu Netbook Edition
Are defaults really that important? I'd assume that, at least for now, anyone using Linux (even on a netbook) is probably savvy enough to install whatever Office apps they personally prefer. I think installing stuff in Ubuntu is even easier than on Windows - you just check it off & seconds later you have it.

Comment: Re:Well of Course (Score 1) 720

by NPerez (#29103889) Attached to: XP Users Are Willing To Give Windows 7 a Chance
sorry, but i think this is nonsense. Find me a place that actually has demo machines for Win7. I honestly want to know where I could check that out. Everyone I know who's using it has downloaded it on their PC. I have it on my low-end laptop & it's staying there.

Oh, and in case anyone's wondering, the reason I like Windows 7 is because I'm a soulless human being, fully devoted to Microsoft and getting paid to defend their products etc etc etc.

Comment: Re:What next? I'll tell you what's next... (Score 1) 911

by NPerez (#26966903) Attached to: EU Says MS Must Offer Other Browsers; Now What?
Having "Or in addition to" as an option is important. That means "Instead of" is probably out of the question. And I think that the way that this is worded actually describes the way Windows already works - I can choose and install a competing browser to use in addition to IE, and I can set it as the default. Is there any specific statement that elaborates upon when/where we get this capability to install other browsers? I just don't see where this technically introduces any new requirements if there isn't anything more specific.

Comment: interesting site (Score 1) 812

by NPerez (#14045992) Attached to: Bad Day To Be Sony The owner wanted to register or , but they were already taken. Guess who has it.. Domain Name: Registrar Name: Registrar Whois: Registrar Homepage: Administrative Contact: Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. (NIC-14369782) SPDE Domain Names Inc. 10202 W. Washington Blvd. Culver City CA 90232 US +1.3102448313 Fax- +1.3102448103

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