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Comment Here you go (Score 1) 185

List of FPGA prototyping boards. Xilinx software is free for certain FPGAs. http://www.fpga-faq.com/FPGA_Boards.shtml For books, the only one I know of with an emphasis on synthesis results that includes both VHDL and Verilog is "HDL Chip Design" by Douglas J. Smith. I highly recommend Verilog over VHDL even though I learned VHDL first. Also Xilinx has obscene amounts of documentation on their websitehttp://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/. Some of their whitepapers and app notes cover general logic design techniques.

Comment Re:Crystal radio (Score 1) 246

This is true. However in this use case the energy radiates mostly cylindrically so to deprive other users of the signal the power receiver would have to be in directly between the transmitter and the signal receiver. Boats deal with this all the time when large freighters block everything(radio, radar, GPS). Most electromagnetic radiation is lost as heat anyway.

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