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Comment: Starship Diversity? (Score 5, Interesting) 392

by NEDHead (#46663397) Attached to: How Many People Does It Take To Colonize Another Star System?

On a vaguely related note: Assume you send N ships on this voyage. Do you send N copies of the same ship, and hope the design has no fatal flaw (while acknowledging the advantages of parts redundancy) . Or do you send N different designs in the hope that diversity of design is overall more reliable?

Comment: Re:What will it look like? (Score 1) 99

by NEDHead (#46621399) Attached to: Contact Lenses With Infrared Vision?

Most humans have 3 color range receptors in the eye, some actually have 4 which results in a slightly extended range, and generally better color discrimination. Many other animals have receptors sensitive to colors beyond our visibility (in both directions). It is also being researched to provide missing color receptor genes for the color blind.

So, it follows that it will be possible to extend the overall range of color perception in the future. While interesting, and perhaps making the article's tech obsolete, it does raise the question of whether one would want the extended capability full time. It might be the case that controllable filter contacts would then be the /. article of 2040.

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