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Comment Re:Are you kidding? Best free advertisement ever (Score 1) 183

Take it as a write off? Do you even know what that means? Sure it is always good to have positive customer service, and to have people know about it. But reducing revenue is not the same as double dipping. And the 'free advertising' was not free, it cost them ~6.7% of that month's revenue.

Comment Best solution (Score 5, Funny) 189

I bought a laser cutting machine, put it on low, and just burn the text onto the paper. No cartridges to return or refill ever. I currently use solar panels for power, but I don't like the 80% inefficiency, so I am looking into using a lens and fiberoptics to use the light directly. This way I can also incorporate a prism and do color printing.

A rock store eventually closed down; they were taking too much for granite.