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Submission The Principles of Community-Oriented GPL Enforcement->

Jeremy Allison - Sam writes: The FSF and the Software Freedom Conservancy have announced "The Principles of Community-Oriented GPL Enforcement".

"This document, co-authored with the Free Software Foundation (FSF), outlines basic guidelines for any organization that seeks to uphold copyleft licenses on behalf of the public good."

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Comment Is the NYT Racist? (Score 4, Insightful) 225

Just saying, since according to the story immediately below this one, any controls of any type on the immigration of young fighting age men from Middle Eastern countries is apparently inherently racist*.

Consequently, any story about temporary work visas being bad must be racist x 1000.

* Unless of course the countries who don't let them in are also Middle Eastern countries. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, etc. etc. etc.? Won't let a single refugee in. That's OK though because it's only racist if white people do it.

BTW --> China? Not on China: Not only do they refuse to take a single refugee, but the state-run media calls the US racist for only taking in tens of thousands of refugees instead of millions. Truly the real leader of the world and a shining example to all of us.

Comment This is like the whole "learning styles" thing. (Score 1) 307

"Learning styles" takes an undeniable truth, that different people find it easiest to learn in different ways, exaggerates it to a falsehood (i.e., that people can only learn the way that's easiest for them), and then converts it to BS (e.g., "I'm a visual thinker, that's why I'm no good at math.")

The underlying mistaken assumption is that education should never require you to try something you find difficult or unnatural. If you are indeed a visual learner, that's something that you and your teachers can and should exploit, but you need to learn how to learn in modes that don't come easily to you. Life doesn't always give you a choice of forms for lessons you need to learn. Sometimes you ought to read the manual; other times there is no manual. You need to be adaptable to either case.

It's important to be sensitive to the fact that some students are introverts -- although that doesn't necessarily mean "shy" or "socially awkward"; that's just a stereotype, it's not what "introverted" means. But it is undeniably true that group work comes less naturally to introverts than extroverts. Nonetheless they still need to learn to work that way, just as extroverts need to learn how to work independently. If you just taught students to be able to do what comes naturally to them, what's the point of education?

Comment Re:What is the point of this article? (Score 2) 164

"Was the whole point of this submission to take a shot at the U.S.?"

Yeah, pretty much.

Slashdot is a pretty provincial, chauvinistic and bigoted publication... as long as these qualities are directed in an anti-US manner.

Basically, if the Slashdot crowd looked at itself in the mirror, the the ugly bigoted and uninformed face it would see staring back at it would look surprisingly close to the stereotyped caricatures that it pretends only apply to those evil "Muricans".

Comment Re: the work he has put in does warrant appreciati (Score 2) 146

Self-amusement can't be a practical purpose for a hobby project?

It's one of those things we couldn't have imagined when the Internet was thrown open to anyone back in the early 90s. We didn't anticipate it would be used to spread cat memes, revive white supremacist ideology, or more to the point usher in a new golden age or priggery.

Comment Re:Doctor what's wrong with me? (Score 1) 111

Those genes are not expressed, and we don't have copies of those viruses floating around our bloodstream.

Probably, and for the most part. But we used to think the genome was mostly "junk DNA" before we understood that much of it was homeotic in function. It seems to me that virus copies would not be conserved over time unless they were serving some function.

Comment Re: How is this paid for? (Score 1) 1291

That's why their leaders come to the USA for treatment.

As an American, I don't see how I benefit from a health care system that according to you is good at providing care to the wealthy and powerful of the world, but which we also know is crappy at providing care to the rest of us. Are you suggesting that good health outcomes for select individuals trickle down?

If a health care system that worked better for the vast majority of Americans happened to also discourage the elite from treatment here, I'm prepared to live with that. In no small part this is because under the current system I might not wind up living at all.

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