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Comment: an instant classic (Score 3, Insightful) 65

by N5 (#13151530) Attached to: Retrospectus On Jet Grind Radio
By far one of the best (IMHO the best) dreamcast games ever. Even though the celshading was limited to items and characters, the art style brought the whole thing together. The soundtrack rocked, despite being bastardized by sega of america. (rob zombie?) The sequel lacked the joystick twirling while spraying, which for me was a huge disapointment because it added something. My only other gripe was I really liked the japanese name "Jet Set Radio" and to this day cannot figure out why they changed it. I was hoping for another sequel truer to the origional game (bright colors, funky beats) but with sega's reorganisation it is unlikely to happen.

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