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+ - Brazilians Respond to Destabilization Plans with #GloboGolpista->

Submitted by MythicalMan
MythicalMan (261975) writes "According to recent news from TeleSur, Brazilians took to social media Thursday to criticize the role that the Globo media empire is playing against President Dilma Rousseff. [...] The media group has come under widespread criticism due to recent coverage trying to link President Rousseff to an ongoing corruption scandal in the state-owned Petrobras oil company.

Another key actor in Brazilian politics and Brazil’s richest person, businessman Jorge Paulo Lemann, has also pitched in to organize Sunday's protest. The mogul paid for a series of websites and initiatives to promote the march. Lemann is the richest man in the country. He owns shares of Ambev, Lojas Americanas (biggest Brazilian online retailer), Burger King and Heinz.

Globo, is the biggest media group in Brazil, a county that Reporters Without Borders described as "the country of 30 berlusconis". The company was founded in 1925 but became a media empire after the military coup that ousted president João Goulart, in 1964. Roberto Marinho, owner of the company at that time, explicitly supported the dictatorship that lasted for 21 years. Marinho died in 2003, leaving the media empire for his sons Roberto Irineu, José Roberto and João Roberto. They are Brazilian billionaires numbers five to seven."

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Comment: I'm proud I gave them a hundred bucks! (Score 1) 58

by MythicalMan (#43308803) Attached to: The FreeBSD Foundation Is Soliciting Project Proposals

I'm a busy software developer working for a big company, so I don't have much time to contribute for Open Source and open knowledge projects. Supporting the FreeBSD Foundation, Wikimedia and similar initiatives seems to be a good way to pay for their valuable work. I make a donation every year and invite all /. readers to do the same.

Comment: HP Printers don't run Oracle's (Sun) JVM (Score 4, Informative) 192

by MythicalMan (#42697583) Attached to: Thousands of Publicly Accessible Printers Searchable On Google

The article leads the reader to believe that the VM running on HP LaserJet printer is an old version of Sun's -- now Oracle -- JVM. That's no true. HP Printers run ChaiVM, a clean-room implementation written based on the published specification. Moreover HP has historically recommended their customers to NOT expose printers to the public Internet. The embedded web server is an administration tool, not a fully-fledged HTTP server, and was not designed to be used that way.

Disclaimer: Even though I work for HP and had access to the LJ firmware internals in the recent past, I'm NOT speaking on behalf of HP.

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