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Comment: Re:He deserves it (Score 1) 907

by MyUIDisHUGE (#38786607) Attached to: Indonesian Man Faces Five Years For Atheist Facebook Post
Sweden is sometimes called the "most atheist" country at 23%, but "gay marriage has been legal since May 1, 2009." Germany, at 25%, has recognized same-sex unions since 2001. The list is pretty long with strong correlation between atheists and respect for human rights that include marrying whomever you love.

I supposed you mean big, bad atheist China, whose government is officially atheist, and up to 60% of the populace have no religion. But homosexuality is legal there. Their bias against homosexual marriage seems related to the strong social imperative to produce sons to continue the bloodline. So, pretty populous, but China is not "lots" and I wouldn't really call them "fine".

Comment: Re:In other words, (Score 2) 368

by MyUIDisHUGE (#38780817) Attached to: Web Developer Sentenced To Death In Iran
Remote, but not inaccessible or dangerous. My Antarctica trip started with a (small) ship from the Falklands through the Drake Passage to Antarctica. Good food, tea and fresh baked cookies at 4, and lectures in the evening. A few days' sail and we were hiking extinct volcanos among the penguin colonies on the continent.

I just need Africa and Australia to complete the set!

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