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Comment Re:And the cost (Score 2) 282

You really think that is expensive? How much do you drive? How much do you pay a year on your car, include everything, gas, insurance, registration, parking tickets, maintenance. If you live in SF you realize that zip cars have parking, so you should include the hassle of finding parking. Lastly, you don't just have a car, you have the car you need for what you need it for. Do you need to go to the lumber yard, or buy a sofa, well then you have a truck or a van, do you want to pick up a pretty lady, well you can get a mini convertible. Unless you are driving more than 15k miles a year, it's really hard to beat $8 an hour of usage (including sitting in a parking lot) for owning a car. (and I do own a car)

Comment Re:Cause and Effect (Score 1) 701

What FA are you speaking of? There isn't one here. Also in the summary, or the "Ask Slashdot" question, it points out that the child is currently, after being homeschooled, a below average reader. That nugget of information makes it sound like the homeschoolers are not competent teachers, which asks the question "Why are they homeschooling"?

Why are people who are asking this question in a brusk manner being moderated "troll"?

Comment Re:Gentrification (Score 1) 373

When Full House being filmed, Alamo square (upon which lie the painted ladies the fictional location) was nearly a war zone. Just 13 years ago the San Francisco Chronicle had a front page story about 6 murders in a year only a block away due to the drug trade.

Those who claim the dead never return to life haven't ever been around here at quitting time.