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Comment: Welcome to the Republican Party! (Score 1) 84

by MrWin2kMan (#46667501) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: the State of Open CS, IT, and DBA Courseware in 2014?
Major universities all across our nation have long been doing a disservice to their customers, students, by pushing philosophy, psychology and kinesiology degrees on unsuspecting, easily duped children, only to have them turn out in droves for the 'Occupy Wall Street' camp meetings, and Obama rallies. Welcome, finally, to adulthood. Now I'll step off my soapbox, and tell you that your best bet is to start at the beginning and get your lower division requirements taken care of at your local community college, where it will be much cheaper. I've followed exactly this plan over the last two years. I started college in 1981, dropped out in 1985, and occasionally took some classes in the years since. It was only recently as my draught came to live with me to attend college that I finally resolved to get it done. I had to retake 7 or 8 classes, and finish off the English and Math requirements. Then I found a couple more classes required by the university CIS program that I could take at the JC and save a couple thousand bucks, Now I'm in my first semester at ASU and doing pretty well for a 49-year-old. I have a two year plan to finish my Bachelor's degree, while simultaneously taking some Linux courses at another local JC. School is more important than ever, but it has to be the right courses, and for the right reasons. Sounds like you have taken the first step. From here, don't lookmfor the easy way, or the fast way. Do it right.

Comment: Not for broadcast... (Score 1) 559

by MrWin2kMan (#45226313) Attached to: 4K Ultra HD Likely To Repeat the Failure of 3D Television
3D is a gimmick, that just doesn't work well enough, even in a movie theater. 4K is not a gimmick, but the marketing pukes are trying to turn it in to one. 4K will be successful in the home video market, offering a great cinema experience, but as far as broadcast, it will take far too much bandwidth, cost far too much money to implement, and have far too few viewers even capable of watching it for the next 5 years to make it remotely profitable, even for the HBO's, let alone the sports networks. 4K along with 21x9 will be the ultimate viewing experience at home, allowing people at home to experience great movies in the same quality and format as at the theater. But we're just not quite there yet.

Comment: Not a journalist, so not protected... (Score -1) 426

Being the 'partner' of a journalist does not entitle you to the normal freedoms of actually being a member of the press, and, as was quite rightly pointed out, the so-called 'Miranda' rights and the freedom of the press as spelled out in the U.S. Constitution does not apply in the UK. The authorities were within their legal authority IF 1) they had bona fide suspicions about this person through evidence collected or supplied, and 2) he can get his stuff back after the authorities have reviewed them and found no contraband or unauthorized data. I would suspect that someone (yes, possibly the NSA) tipped off the UK authorities as to the possibility of this gentleman being a conduit for the transfer of classified information, which is wholly possible given who his 'partner' is and who he has been in contact with. If he was transporting classified information, then I would totally support his earning a one-way ticket to Gitmo.

Comment: Sorghum (Score 3, Interesting) 242

by MrWin2kMan (#44543041) Attached to: Looking Beyond Corn and Sugarcane For Cost-Effective Biofuels
Here in Maricopa, AZ we host the only ethanol plant in the state of Arizona, and one of the local crops used (grown by Ak-Chin Farms, one of the Indian Reservations that surrounds Maricopa) is sorghum, the same plant you can get molasses from. Much more bang for the buck than corn or sawgrass.

Comment: Several different ways to skin this cat (Score 1) 383

One college I have gone to uses a separate domain for students from faculty and administration, versus They use firstname.lastname, and then firstname.lastname#. They use Microsoft Exchange. Another college I attend now uses a unique ID created partly out of the firstname and a seemingly random 7-digit number, so This unique ID is also used to login to the student center to access registration, email, etc. It is different from the actual student ID number. As they use Google Mail, it may be generated by Google. My daughter's university also uses Google Mail, but she was allowed to create her own ID, In business, I like to use or, with dupes using full first name or full middle name or both; sometimes using nicknames or fullnames, like bob vs. robert. I try to respect the preferences of the user if possible. You could use any combination of these. You could use child domains based on named colleges within the university, such as or Or you could come up with an automatic random email ID generator or use mainframe login ID's, etc.

Comment: Re:Problem is offshoring and inshoring of US jobs (Score 2) 457

by MrWin2kMan (#41908249) Attached to: Tuition Should Be Lower For Science Majors, Says Florida Task Force
If there are more engineers, but a lack of jobs, the newly-trained engineers will create startups. Just look at how many startups in this country were created by engineers from other countries who came here because of the lack of opportunity in their home country. Entrepreneurship is the real driver of our economy and of innovation.

Comment: Yes, Phoenix! Er, Chandler...and Tempe, Gilbert... (Score 1) 555

by MrWin2kMan (#40845059) Attached to: Is Phoenix the Next Silicon Valley?
As an IT worker refugee from LA and San Diego, I can tell you I moved out here and not only immediately made more money than I had been in San Diego, I could afford to live here. I'm a bigger fish in a smaller pond. The tech sector is one area that has been pretty steady through all the downturn. Ebay, Paypal, Expedia, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank all have major data center operations here. There are hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies with IT presence here. It's not just Intel with yet another new Fab in Chandler every couple of years. It may be hot as Hades, but land is cheap, power is cheap, connectivity is plentiful, the cost of living is low and the standard of living is high. I miss the ocean, but we have lots of beach.

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