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Comment Re:And all they wanted was a faster horse (Score 1) 732

Ah. OK. So basically what you are saying is that because we have not been engaged in a major conflict with an industrial equal in 50 years we should base all of our military planning on the assumption that we never will?

Awesome idea.
Do you work for the Russians or the Chinese?

Comment Re:Drone It (Score 1) 843

Dont fool yourself.
People have thought that the carnage of every major conflict was enough to prevent it from happening again. It never does. Some group always thinks they have the key to an easy victory which, right or wrong, commits them to a series of actions.

China is on track to meet Americas military power by 2020. I just saw a story somewhere (sorry, Im not going to dig it up) about how the majority of Chinese assume that war with America is inevitable. The Russians will be more than happy to keep Europe to occupied to help. The Ukraine is a sideshow. They just wanted to secure their naval base in preparation for whats coming.

Im not normally a conspiracy theory type nut job, but I really think its coming and its going to be ugly.

Comment Re:Behaviour in the past? (Score 1) 196

You are absolutely right, but....
American companies are starting to feel the paranoia about this hit their bottom line. People are trying to find alternatives to american products.
And THAT means that the lobbyists are jumping into the game. The US government may not listen to the little people's fears, but they will listen to corporate America and we will see changes to the laws.

Thank goodness America is run by the corporate elite, otherwise we might be in trouble.....

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 2) 395

I hate the phone because its synchronous. Everytime it rings its someone saying "HEY... YOU! Stop whatever you are doing and answer the phone because I want to talk to you right now."

Texting is asynchronous. When my phone buzzes with a text its saying "Hey. When you have time there is a message here." much better.

Voicemail... Well, if voicemail worked like texting I wouldnt mind it. But no. Instead of just glancing at my phone to see the latest text on the screen I have to unlock my phone, press the voicemail button, wait for it to pick up, enter a pin number, listen to any messages that are about to be deleted (including the phone telling me when it was left and what number left it) and THEN I get to listen to my wife say "oh, never mind I found it myself".
Sure, I could pay verizon for a monthly service that gets me a better interface to my voicemail, but why the hell would I do that?
So yeah, I hate voicemail too.

Comment Re:I'm pretty sure what we'll find. (Score 2) 85

What!??!!? There is no profit? KILL IT! We shouldn't spend any money on anything that doesn't show a first quarter profit.

That includes killing funding for any schools you attended because they all apparently failed to explain to you (and a lot of the general public) the value of general science research that isn't chasing a short term profit.

Comment Re:I like this guy but... (Score 1) 438

While I don't disagree, Im waiting for people to realize that this doesn't HAVE to be true.
Right now we live in a world where the internet sometimes sees something go "viral." Its just possible that one of these days a video will go viral around election time with someone with NO money getting on the stump and telling people why they should vote for him/her as a write in candidate.
That is the path to breaking the money cycle in american politics.
But it only works as long as we have a free internet. I sure hope the rich never think about this and start trying to monetize and divide the internet to secure their power....

Comment Re:Good (Score 4, Funny) 118

YOU don't like Minecraft?
Why didn't anyone tell me!??!?!?!
Now that I know that YOU don't like it I will stop playing it and make my kids stop playing it!
I had NO idea it had been judged unworthy by YOU.
I am so sorry. Obviously NO ONE should play a game YOU don't like.

Clearly we both need to be back on our meds.

Comment Re:wildfires? (Score 1) 304

You are thinking only of where wildfires are a routine part of the existing ecosystem.
Global Warming will expand the regions where wild fires are a threat. And when it does, it means its expanding into areas with lots of unburned undergrowth.
Somewhere there is a bit of jungle or rainforest that is drying out and when that gets lit it will be an impressive burn.

I live in Iowa. We have dry periods where we limit burning, but we never have massive wildfires burning out residential areas. But that could change.
And now imagine the fallout of massive wildfires ravaging crops in the midwest.

So yes it could cause wildfires (where they havent been an issue), increase the wildfire pollution in the air and threaten people by "mechanisms spawned by wildfires".

Comment Re:It was inevitible (Score 1) 303

What Ive been hoping for is that they would actually go the other way...

For the past 20 years they have been selling "upgrades" to the interface and oh-by-the-way here are some changes to the OS.
If they unlinked the two they could license the OS, an interface API and a bare bones default Windows interface.

There was a time when the idea of Apple using the same Intel processors as most PCs would have been inconceivable. Its not that far of a stretch to think that Apple would have gone a step further and used a Microsoft OS to drive their Mac interface.

Microsoft could have continued far longer as the dominant OS even if Windows was the minority interface.

Comment Re:"Conservatives" hating neutrality baffles me (Score 1) 550

Exactly this.
People rail against the governments inability to manage anything without becoming a source of huge waste and corruption.
What they dont seem to understand is that it has nothing to do with the nature of government. It has to do with people taking advantage of the slack and loopholes in ANY large organization whether you are a government or corporation.

Comment Re:Here's hoping they bought it to close it down. (Score 1) 208

I tend not to be insulting when I post, but Ill make an exception here.
Your an idiot.

Tearing their imaginations from them? I have 2 daughters that LOVE minecraft because they love building houses and castles and populating them with all sorts of creatures. They do this collaboratively with friends, some of whom are in different states. It allows infinitely more collaborative creativity than just about anything else I have seen on the internet.

Minecraft is nothing more and nothing less than the electronic generations Legos.

In case I wasn't clear the first time, let me say it again...
Your an idiot.

Live within your income, even if you have to borrow to do so. -- Josh Billings