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by MrTester (#48152337) Attached to: Technology Heats Up the Adultery Arms Race
When a person cheats they are usually (not always, I know) looking for something that they are missing.

In one case you may have an otherwise happy couple that are not on the same page sexually. Maybe one partner has no sex drive and is not interested in sex at all. But otherwise the relationship is solid. So someone steps out and has a physical relationship with someone else, but remains emotionally tied to their partner.

On the other hand you have a couple that is having great sex but are not on the same page emotionally. So one of them steps out and has a purely emotional relationship with someone else but continues having great sex with their partner.

Which relationship is in more trouble? Which betrayal is greater?

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by MrTester (#48111759) Attached to: Carl Sagan, as "Mr. X," Extolled Benefits of Marijuana
A drug is something that puts chemicals in our systems that effect how our bodies work.
Go to a pharmacy and you will see all sorts of drugs that do this to a positive effect. Some are man made, but most have their roots in something naturally occurring. So its not an impossible notion that there are beneficial aspects to pot.

Im not one to say that all drugs should be legalized. Many (especially the man made crap) are dangerous as hell and should be illegal. But just because a bunch of lawmakers got together and decided Marijuana is bad doesnt make it true.

People bitch about pot being the "gateway drug." Bullshit. You know what the gateway drugs are? Sugar and caffeine. These are the two that every kid at some point has too much of and goes "oooh. I feel funny."

+ - Security Collapse in the HTTPS Market->

Submitted by CowboyRobot
CowboyRobot (671517) writes "HTTPS has evolved into the de facto standard for secure Web browsing. Through the certificate-based authentication protocol, Web services and Internet users first authenticate one another ("shake hands") using a TLS/SSL certificate, encrypt Web communications end-to-end, and show a padlock in the browser to signal that a communication is secure. In recent years, HTTPS has become an essential technology to protect social, political, and economic activities online. At the same time, widely reported security incidents (such as DigiNotar's breach, Apple's #gotofail, and OpenSSL's Heartbleed) have exposed systemic security vulnerabilities of HTTPS to a global audience. The Edward Snowden revelations (notably around operation BULLRUN, MUSCULAR, and the lesser-known FLYING PIG program to query certificate metadata on a dragnet scale) have driven the point home that HTTPS is both a major target of government hacking and eavesdropping, as well as an effective measure against dragnet content surveillance when Internet traffic traverses global networks. HTTPS, in short, is an absolutely critical but fundamentally flawed cybersecurity technology."
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Hell yes.
They have a couple of good properties now, but for the most part its crap.
And where is the classic SciFi appreciation? Forbidden Planet, Them, The Day the Earth Stood Still (without Neo). When is the last time they showed a black and white program other than Twilight Zone?

If I was in charge of SyFy:
1) Classic movie of the week with a Turner Classic Movies style intro talking about the movie, its impact, roots and the making of the movie.
2) Guest hosts introducing their favorite SciFi
3) Put together a stable of actors, authors and directors and host a weekly 90 minute-3 sketch late night program modeled on Saturday Night Live, but focusing on scifi story telling instead of comedy. Some of the sketches could be one offs, others a mini-series. Probably not live, although that might be fun too...
4) Get some real scifi lovers to look for classic works that they could get the rights to produce as movies. They dont have to be high budget. Take the same budget they spend now on their monster of the week movies, spend less on special effects and throw it at the scripts. I know thats not a lot, but give me a day and $500 and I can improve the hell out of their scripts.
5) No wrestling
6) Change the name back to SciFi

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When I first heard this earlier today what came to mind is Minecraft.
If they can create a good stable base product with good enough <Insert developer jargon for "information people need to develop mods" here> support then there very well may be a market for good mod packs.
I know I would have been more than happy to pay $20 or $30 for Feed The Beast for MineCraft.

If they can turn that into a market where they skim some money off the top from the mod pack sellers to pay for a free base product (the opposite of the charge for Minecraft with free mods model of Mahjong) more power too them.

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by MrTester (#44285823) Attached to: Current Doctor Who Warns Against Facebook
I think Facebook today is what AOL was 15 or 20 years ago.
AOL packaged up the ISP access with a web and email client. Users didnt have to be tech savvy and didnt have to know about the other ways to accomplish "getting online." It was easy. But savvy users found it limiting and too expensive for what it did.

Similar thing with Facebook. Savvy users consider the privacy issues too burdensome and find other ways to accomplish the same things. But for the masses "it just works."
As the masses become more and more savvy Facebook will be forced to change, or will go the way of AOL.

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by MrTester (#41970827) Attached to: Foxconn Begins To Assemble Its Robot Army
Unless Im missing something, the reason so many of our electronics are made in China is the cheap labor.
Presumably the Chinese wouldnt be replacing their labor force with robots if they werent cheaper yet.

So why arent these robotic assembly lines popping up in the US? Tax laws? Environmental laws? Inertia?

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