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When I first heard this earlier today what came to mind is Minecraft.
If they can create a good stable base product with good enough <Insert developer jargon for "information people need to develop mods" here> support then there very well may be a market for good mod packs.
I know I would have been more than happy to pay $20 or $30 for Feed The Beast for MineCraft.

If they can turn that into a market where they skim some money off the top from the mod pack sellers to pay for a free base product (the opposite of the charge for Minecraft with free mods model of Mahjong) more power too them.

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by MrTester (#44285823) Attached to: Current Doctor Who Warns Against Facebook
I think Facebook today is what AOL was 15 or 20 years ago.
AOL packaged up the ISP access with a web and email client. Users didnt have to be tech savvy and didnt have to know about the other ways to accomplish "getting online." It was easy. But savvy users found it limiting and too expensive for what it did.

Similar thing with Facebook. Savvy users consider the privacy issues too burdensome and find other ways to accomplish the same things. But for the masses "it just works."
As the masses become more and more savvy Facebook will be forced to change, or will go the way of AOL.

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by MrTester (#41970827) Attached to: Foxconn Begins To Assemble Its Robot Army
Unless Im missing something, the reason so many of our electronics are made in China is the cheap labor.
Presumably the Chinese wouldnt be replacing their labor force with robots if they werent cheaper yet.

So why arent these robotic assembly lines popping up in the US? Tax laws? Environmental laws? Inertia?

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1) I dont believe in god.
2) Your anti god zealotry is every bit as destructive as what you are railing against. A belief in god does not have to make you stupid. It doesnt mean you have to ignore science. You simply have to believe that in studying science you are quantifying all of the rules that god established.

There are radicals on BOTH sides of the issue and they (i.e. YOU) are the problem.

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by MrTester (#40794995) Attached to: How a 3-Year-Old Can Open a Gun Safe
<quote><p> A real gun owner would know this.</p></quote>
Your definition of a "real gun owner" must be different from mine.
To me, its a person who has a gun.
There are lots of people who have a gun and kids. Some of these might know what they are doing, but most just go out to Walmart and get the thing that is marketed to store guns and call it good.
Id bet that covers 90% of gun owners.

The issue here isnt whether or not gun owners should know better (they should, but kids shouldn't have to pay the price for this failure), its about companies marketing products that give the owners a false sense of security.

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by MrTester (#40377195) Attached to: Bloomberg, WSJ: Student Aid Increases Tuition
No no no.
I mean, yes its true that if there were excess money in the system, the system would suck that excess up. Thats true in ANY system.
But everyone acts as if that automatically explains where we are today.
If the total National spending on education was $5 (not millions or billions, just the $5 I have in my wallet), the above would still be a true statement, but wouldnt imply that at this moment we are spending too much.

Im so tired of this. Just because a theory is (or could be) true does not automatically mean that is the theory that is defining the current situation.

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by MrTester (#39918899) Attached to: Scientists 'Switch Off' Brain Cell Death In Mice
It seems pretty obvious to me.
When cell production continues despite the buildup of these misfolded proteins more and more of these misfolded proteins build up in the brain until they essentially ARE the brain.
At this point the person gets an unstoppable craving for brains that are not full of misfolded proteins.
At the same time the treatment that caused the continuation of cell production becomes contagious via the spreading of bodily fluids such as saliva.

I suspect other side effects will involve slow uncoordinated movement and an urge to moan.

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