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Comment Re:No thanks (Score 1) 207

Its funny you mention spreadsheet. This whole commentary from this guy very much feels like what it means to poorly grasp a field/ technology.

Back to my analog, people see spreadsheets with data on them, and think "this is how i should interact with data", being (intentionally) ignorant on how data come together for it to be presented to them. And yet they will pass the spreadsheet around via email, oblivious to all the bad info anyone can put in, and when it comes back to them they have giant "?" over there head as to why all the info is now hopelessly broken and unusable.

Comment Management (Score 1) 64

I forsee this as a problem. As part of policy we have to encrypt mobile devices, and we store the recovery key in case the users get locked out. We cannot have someone calling apple (for which we don't setup account for our devices) to unlock these units. Apple cannot be the arbiter of access.

Comment Power (Score 3, Insightful) 167

My understanding (as very limited as it is), is that you'd need to ablate enough material off the object to knock it out of orbit and to fall to earth.

However do you even need to hit it that hard? Can you just put enough laser energy on to it to perturb it out of orbit without ablating/vaporizing material? More massive objects would of course require more power applied.

Comment Yeah Ok Carly (Score 1) 653

1) you aren't camapgning against Tim Cook
2) Complaining about someone who complains about a place that is a against gay rights makes you sound like you are against day rights
3) Which countries did HP do business with when she was in charge that don't have a good record on women's rights?

Yeah none of those will come and bite you in the ass.

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