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Comment: Power (Score 3, Insightful) 167 167

My understanding (as very limited as it is), is that you'd need to ablate enough material off the object to knock it out of orbit and to fall to earth.

However do you even need to hit it that hard? Can you just put enough laser energy on to it to perturb it out of orbit without ablating/vaporizing material? More massive objects would of course require more power applied.

Comment: Yeah Ok Carly (Score 1) 653 653

1) you aren't camapgning against Tim Cook
2) Complaining about someone who complains about a place that is a against gay rights makes you sound like you are against day rights
3) Which countries did HP do business with when she was in charge that don't have a good record on women's rights?

Yeah none of those will come and bite you in the ass.

Comment: Re:OMG that slut totally insulted me! (Score 1) 79 79

Considering that in the instances of 'high profile' individuals, for whom their treats actually got police attention, and when then deemed 'non credible'; there is going to be a vanishingly small percentage of times in which any action is taken by law enforcement for which the reporter will be satisfied.

What is actually a problem condition is that there is a low SNR and something actually happens to someone, and then police hyper react.

We can only hope that well-trained (larger?) law enforcement agencies know how to sift thru all the chaff, but some small town PD? No way to know what you are going to get there.

Comment: Crowd*ing (Score 1) 169 169

First crowd sourced funding, now crowd sourced logistics...

I mean how could a trip to another planet possibly go wrong with this kind of strategy?

I'm going to need $50 million dollars to build the landing pad on mars... I plan on deploying a bunch of down pillows... that'll work right?

Comment: Leaving something out (Score 1) 467 467

Odd however for someone who "left twitter", Looks like Zelda came back

Also, what is considered a 'core user'? Is the point of using Zelda Williams as an example mean she was a core user?

I have seen commentary from 'advocates' for better block tools. It consisted of feeding a program in which you fed precreated blacklist you got from a 3rd party.

If you are going to choose to let others decide who you communicate with on social media, you need to re-evaluate why you are using social media.

An optimist believes we live in the best world possible; a pessimist fears this is true.