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Comment: Re:km/h please! (Score 3, Insightful) 146

by MrBeau (#42011155) Attached to: German Police Stop Man With Mobile Office In Car
kph is an abbreviation of the unit "kilometer per hour" and the one recommended by most news publishers, e.g. Reuters. km/h is the unit symbol of the unit kph. The symbol would probably have been more appropriate though and I definitely agree that everyone should get rid of non-SI units.

+ - SPAM: Siemens USA Sustainable Cities

Submitted by Gagamel
Gagamel writes: An integrated network of energy and information systems come together to form the infrastructure system at the heart of a sustainable city.
With the world’s most comprehensive environmental portfolio, Siemens is a perfect partner in sustainable city development. Really fascinating!

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+ - The Rossi Energy Catalyzer: World's largest scam?->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Andrea Rossi, an Italian inventor, claims to have achieved Cold Fusion. The wiki article provides a nice overview. His claims are supported by a number of scientists, including Noble Prize winner Dr. Brian Josephson. The details of his invention remain a secret until he opens a 1MW, claimed to be operative by October, causing a lot of skepticism about his claims.

Did Rossi solve all our energy problems or is he the world's largest scam artist?

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+ - Ex-CIA Official Warns of Terrorism in Cyber Space->

Submitted by hypnosec
hypnosec writes: A former CIA official has warned that cyber security threats should not be taken lightly as the threat posed by cyber warfare is rising on a daily basis. Speaking during the BlackHat security conference Cofer Black, former director of the CIA's Counterterrorism Centre said that decision making officials had failed to react to the indicators of an imminent attack on American soil before 9/11 as they kept waiting for some kind of validation. A similar trend is shaping up when it comes to cyber terrorism. Experts around the globe have predicted that in the light of recent cyber attacks on government private infrastructures, in the future, wars will be fought in the cyber space.
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Submitted by Anonymous Coward
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+ - iPhone 4 & A Sensor Tattoo Creates Diabetic Bl->

Submitted by
Mightee writes: "Scientific innovations have been going on for years to produce better testing instruments with least amount of spread of bacteria and infections involved. After considerable research it's being declared that normal tattoos on the skin are to become fruitful in determining the person's blood levels of sugar, glucose and alcohol by using an iPhone 4 camera.

How Will It Work?

While getting tattoos, from now on a 100 nano-meter wide collection of sensors would be implanted under the skin. These are to be covered with an oily casing to ensure that every component remains intact beneath the skin. Small particles present in the blood plasma are to bind with the sensors with the help of an external agent. These neutral particles undergo rapid ionization leading to change in the charge of the substance, which caters for the variation in the fluorescent emission of the tattoos due to blood plasma level changes."

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Comment: Re:no breaktrough - just blending (Score 1) 114

by MrBeau (#21349873) Attached to: Close but no Cigar for Netflix Recommender System

Also a clarification on the progress prize: to get it you need to have at least 1% improvement over the previous result. Considering that there is only 1.57% to go there is room for only one more progress prize until it hits the Grand Prize (10% improvement over the original results).
Where did you get that? The rules ( state:
To qualify for a year's $50,000 Progress Prize the accuracy of any of your submitted predictions that year must be less than or equal to the accuracy value established by the judges the preceding year.
You just have to be better.

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