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WTF are you talking about, they work on completely different neurotransmitter systems and by different mechanisms (one an agonist, the other an antagonist). How can you even make meaningful comparisons of such apples and oranges?

The problem with cocaine is that it's short lived, and the brain's dopamine circuit activity undershoots when it wears off, leaving one with an awful depressing crash.

Cocaine is nothing but a novelty, though one that sheds valuable light on the workings of the brain.

Someone figured out that something structurally similar could have similar effects and synthesized methylphenidate (in an time when you could do it in your basement, administer it to your wife, and have it all be legal)! Just imagine how much scientific progress in drug and neuro-scientific discovery has been inhibited by the war on drugs.

MPH is much slower to take effect, and slower to wear off, and so has more of the good effects of a moderate dose of cocaine, with much less of the bad effects. Hence, it is a useful drug for ADHD, whereas cocaine could never be.

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The shortcomings of the medical establishment are not a valid counterpoint to the the scientific facts of ADHD. Yes the psychiatrists have fucked things up by probably over-diagnosing. But people try to claim that ADHD doesn't exist because the psychs. made it up and because "there's no diagnostic test for it." The psychs. should be taken to task by the neuro-scientists for screwing up public understanding terribly. But, there are also the religious and the psycho-cult (Scientologists) with their anti-psychiatry crusade.

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Most people who don't have ADHD or who don't deeply understand the neurological research simply don't, will not, or cannot understand.

Hyperactive ADHD is at least directly observable as an abnormal condition. Inattentive ADHD, however, leads to children having their self esteem wrecked by ignorance adults telling them they "lack character" or some other treachery.

As a kid I was able to focus for 16 straight hours, daily, for weeks on end on building electronics projects. That was what my brain found rewarding, along with constant impulsive mischief. When I had to do my social studies homework, I simply could not make myself pay attention to it.

Nothing would have helped except possibly a proper diagnosis and treatment. But even then, the medications are far from perfect and not well tolerated by all, nor is the neurological understanding complete.

You could have tried beating me, sending me to military school, or endless hours of costly psychological therapy sessions. All would have been a failure (some were tried). The former may have been catastrophic, possibly rendering an ADHD kid suicidal, whereas the latter would simply have wasted a lot of money.

Because if your brain is configured to not be able to do what normal people do, which is to resolve themselves to do something they don't like but needs to be done, then you simply can't do it. No amount of effort can change this. Nor do I imply that this is a complete description of ADHD.

Having inattentive ADHD can be very painful. You can really honestly want to just do it. But as soon as you start, you find yourself either getting overcome with immobilizing dullness, or you simply can't help but to jump to some other "temporary" distraction like surfing the www, to get yourself perked up. Only to discover later that the whole day is shot and you've accomplished nothing.

In a society where the predominant world view is still that we have a "soul" (an independent actor that lives somewhere in the "spiritual" mind, that operates the body much as a construction worker operates a backhoe), there is little empathy for the condition of ADHD.

This is sad. People who can only reach the conclusion that "it doesn't exist" about an internal experience that someone else describes but which they do not themselves experience, are basically incapable of vicarious empathy.

Fortunately, we are at a time when neuroscience is finally entering the "steepening slope" phase of its learning curve about the brain, and ADHD is getting a solid science base behind it, despite the popular culture being horribly confused.

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What kind of $2 LED bulbs put out 900lm of CRI>85 light (ie., competitive with a 60W incandescent light bulb), have been designed and manufactured with correct and reliable thermal management so that the claims of 70000hr lifetimes may actually materialize, and have their power conversion electronics actually designed and manufactured safely and NRTL certified (and not just a sample tested, while the mass produced product is made with critical safety and EMI filtering parts left out) or not just plain UL/CSA stamped counterfeit?

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For runs of 1 to a few dozen pieces of a board which would take me more than an hour to hand assemble, I just send my stuff to Advanced Assembly:

The hidden costs involved in assembling boards by hand are staggering, mostly in time. I've built an entire electronics lab, which is 3/4 storage. The buying, organizing, and storing of parts takes a big chunk of my time. If I were to set up a reflow oven, stock solder paste, etc., that would eat up more money and time. Consequently, I've become very skilled at building any type of SMD (except BGA) with just wire solder and an ordinary soldering iron. Then there is the hazardous waste management and chemical inventory overhead, and the entire day down the drain ordeals several times a year when I use the corporate application to do the waste tickets, which tells me I have to install a new Java version (different from the one in the corp. standard desktop--WTF?!?), which works after 4 hours of installing uninstalling and reinstalling, but then breaks all my other corp. apps (accounting) so I have to do the ordeal in reverse to reconcile my CC later.

Thus, even for smaller batches of fairly simple boards, I am going to be sending all my boards to places like Advanced Circuits. Even if it costs 50%-100% more than my time is worth, it's still worth it, because my co. will let me do it, and then I can use my time for stuff that actually matters for performance. I'm sick of building more than 1 of anything.

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Ok, I'll spell it out for you:

Life of illegal pothead: Call up dealer, meet at parking lot, buy baggie. Go home and light up. Primary risk factor: contaminated pot, or bogus. Probability: very low. Bogus pot easily detected by experienced users. Consequence of smoking contaminated weed: hard to say. NOTE: The main risk of contamination comes from the US government spraying defoliants to kill marijuana fields in south and central America.

Life of legal pothead: Go to pot shop, buy baggie. Go home and light up. Primary risk factor: contaminated pot, or bogus. Probability: extremely low. Same potential consequences.

Life of illegal H addict:

Wake up in desperation. Try to score extremely expensive, hard to find substance in very dangerous neighborhood while beginning to suffer withdrawal syndrome. After scoring, enter filthy public restroom and draw water from toilet (yes, they actually do this sometimes, I've seen a video of it) into non-sterile needle and syringe. Inject drug without prepping injection site with alcohol.

Risk factors: Acquiring various life threatening infections such as HIV, Hepatitis, etc. due to use of non-sterile and/or shared needles, non-sterile water, and piercing unclean skin. Impurities in drug range from particulate matter which can clog capillaries, to toxic chemicals used to process the opium and not fully purified out, to cutting agents composed of whatever. Also, the concentration of the drug is completely unknown. Addict expects a certain strength. But if it turns out this batch is 66% pure instead of 33%, addict might die of overdose since ratio of therapeutic to fatal dose is only 2:1.

Most addicts can't hold a job and so resort to a life of crime not because it is impossible to function while high on H, but because it's illegal and stigmatized, so no one would employ an addict, and the lifestyle of constantly trying to score makes employability very difficult to maintain.

The illegal H addict is doomed to die of some miserable infectious disease, or overdose, if they don't get clean. Even if they do, a criminal record may prevent them from attaining full social acceptability. Since degree of social integration is a key predictor of tendency to become addicted to drugs, addict will always be at high risk of returning to drug use.

Life of legal H addict:

Wake up and get high using sterile needle obtained at pharmacy, and 100% pure heroin of pharmaceutical quality. No particulate matter, infectious microbes, no needle sharing, no chemical impurities, clean distilled water, use alcohol to clean skin to reduce infection risk to near zero.

Go to work at some job. The main limitation is that an H addict would be unable to operate heavy machinery or perform safety-critical roles. But an H addict on a maintenance dose (not completely zonked) of H can function about the same as someone who takes an anti-anxiety medication.

Purchase affordable heroin at pharmacy once a week for about $10/gram (100% pure), compared to $100/gram (10-90% concentration and highly impure) on the street. Low price and employability makes it unnecessary to steal to afford drug.

Risk factors: Not many. Driving would be a bad idea. But the drug and the injecting under sterile, controlled conditions will not cause a significant increase in risks of shortened life due to serious health consequences. This is not different than the situation of diabetes and other patients who need to routinely inject medicines. If the drug is legal, this will also motivate less use of injection. Addicts will choose to maintain on an oral dose, and only inject once in a while for a "rush."

NOTE: It may seem that 100% pure heroin would be more dangerous than weak, diluted street drug. This is false. The danger comes from variability of concentration, not the absolute concentration. If the concentration is known and fixed, the user can always draw the correct, safe dose.

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Well I certainly didn't mean to imply that no one has or would ever become violent on PCP, without provocation.

If one becomes violent on PCP, is it the PCP, or would they have become violent anyway?

What is the probability of becoming violent on PCP vs. alcohol?

Ultimately, if you wish to use moral relativity arguments (which I don't think hold any water, except for revealing the contradictions in the logic of the whole of drug prohibition), then you have to say that alcohol should be illegal since some people have become violent on it.

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"If you take your kids to the park and I strip naked and start fapping away in their face is that fine too?"

From the dawn of the human species about 1.5 million years ago, up to about 9000 years ago, masturbating or copulating in visible proximity to others would have garnered little attention except for possibly a few giggles.

The "in their face" part, is a straw man.

Why should children be shielded from seeing nature? What is so abhorrent about nature? How can the sight of nature be a crime? Sex and fapping are natural.

Should we shield children's eyes from seeing the moon, death, the ocean, dog feces, sunflowers, etc.? Why not?

Explain how the view of human genitalia is somehow fundamentally different from that of the sky, water, shit, or flowers? You can't. It's completely arbitrary. Why don't we cover up all the animals cocks and cunts so the little ones can't see them? Good luck. You'll have to exterminate the entire dog population, because those poor creatures just can't help themselves but to fuck (or try to) anything that moves.

Maybe the people who find it offensive are just jealous that they aren't getting any?

Of course, the problem isn't nature.

The problem is religion. Specifically, western monotheistic religion.

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The danger with marijuana is with beginning users. One of the first few times I got high as a kid (which I probably would have never gotten into if it were legal, and not "rebellious"), I rode my bike down a long moderate incline at the high speed I was used to, but at night which I wasn't used to.

I was so spaced out, that I didn't notice the flat bed truck with I-beams sticking out behind it. An I-beam whizzed past my head just a few inches away at about 25-30 MPH. Would most likely have killed me if that had smacked me in the face.

I remember looking back and after suddenly realizing that I had just narrowly escaped death, I don't think I was very high anymore. This is one of the very weird things about cannabis euphoria, it can be almost completely suppressed in an instant if something triggers the amygdala.

There are serious problems with our current "statist" "police enforcement" approach to controlling DUI. It just isn't going to work with cannabis.

We need to re-think this, which is very difficult when everyone just keeps regurgitating the same old ideas.

I think that a possible solution lies in a significant de-regulation of the auto insurance industry. Let them charge steep premiums to DUI people, and NOT let them squirm out of paying out in full when those people screw up. If ins. cos. had more leeway to base premiums on behavior such as alcohol and drug use, then people who engage in stupid behavior would be either banished from the roads, or would have to pay much higher premiums. This would motivate ins. cos. to figure out ways to let people discount their behavior by agreeing to contractual terms to not DUI, or to use a breath tester built into the car, or who knows what. I don't know exactly how to fix this. But I'm sure there is a way to do it more effectively with market and incentive based systems rather than by criminalization and law enforcement.

Stopping people in road blocks and demanding breath, urine, blood, hair, semen, and DNA samples at gunpoint by police is NOT the solution, yet is exactly what we are going to get if we do not start thinking outside the box and find a new approach to this.

We really need self-driving cars. I used to think this was absurd. Now I'm converted.

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