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Comment: Why Sugar you said? (Score 3, Interesting) 441

by Mr. Daemon (#30814130) Attached to: US Blocking Costa Rican Sugar Trade To Force IP Laws

Why is the US using sugar instead of a bigger product for Costa Rica, like coffee or bananas?

I'll tell you why, there's a controlling elite in Costa Rica that has managed the country for a few years already, and the head of this elite is the current President and his brother, Oscar and Rodrigo Arias, which in turn own the biggest sugar cane fields in the country. So the attack is directly to their pockets and so they move all their influence to enforce the IP law, that includes stupid rules as that every restaurant or public place will have to pay royalty to the RIAA equivalent in our country if they play the radio to keep their customers entertained!

The worst case is that the oposition in our country is not well organized nor has the intellectual strength to fight this kind of laws, plus the elite has majority in congress, so the IP laws have some resistance, but they have not been approved because congress is to darn slow to do anything, so we'll get them eventually.

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