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Comment: Re:It already is (Score 1) 375

by Mr. DOS (#37277698) Attached to: Windows 8 Desktop 'Just Another App'?

If I just shut down explorer.exe in XP and try to go about launching applications and trying to get the OS to do various things, I think some things will fail since the shell isn't running.

Have you tried? Sure, launching things from the Task Manager is inconvenient, but nothing really breaks because Explorer isn't running.

Comment: Re:Don't forget the artwork (Score 1) 79

by Mr. DOS (#36993486) Attached to: <em>Borderlands 2</em> Announced

It wasn't contrived and forced like in Duke Nuke'm Forever.

Given the massive amount of awesome Gearbox pulled off with Borderlands, I was really disappointed with DNF. Then again, when you're given shit to polish, you're still polishing shit. I'm still really hopeful that, given their own IP to work with, Borderlands 2 will be just as enjoyable as the first.

Comment: Re:Not sure about the difference... (Score 1) 378

It launched instantly, and everything was amazingly fast (for someone use to the 386, where waiting for things was just normal).

The extra RAM also helped amazingly with the stability, too. I tried putting Windows 3.11 on a 166MHz Pentium with 64MB RAM years ago on a lark, and was shocked at just how performant the installation was. I mean, you couldn't really do much due to the lack of modern backported software, but what it could do, it did fantastically.

Comment: Re:The relevant bits (Score 1) 434

by Mr. DOS (#36162654) Attached to: How Windows 7 Knows About Your Internet Connection

Pardon me if I'm not understanding your setup or your problem properly, but in your Network and Sharing Center (Control Panel, Network and Internet, Network and Sharing Center), you should find a list of all connected networks with their various non-descriptive names (“Network 2”, how useful). Under the network name, it should list the “location” of the network (“Home network”, “Work network”, or “Public network”), and if you click on that label, you should be able to change the location. Helpful, or am I off by a mile?

"Success covers a multitude of blunders." -- George Bernard Shaw