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Comment: Re:Idiotic Question! Answer: Price, Range, and .. (Score 1) 317 317

It's a huge subset.

If it makes you feel better to describe it that way.. power to you. But I'd be generous to say it is even 40% of the applicable market. Add the fact that you can only get a subset of the market segment for various reasons, and it is, with no doubts, a limiting factor today.

The whole "rental car" fallback is so tired. People want to drive their own cars. They don't want to rent one. Yes, there are some exceptions, but it is small group. And saying the use case is one long trip per year is really reaching as well. That's an even smaller segment of the market.

Comment: Re:Idiotic Question! Answer: Price, Range, and .. (Score 1) 317 317

Depends on what you mean by cost.

Total cost of ownership. A big portion of the market cares about that. And just because someone can afford it, or may buy a car in a similar price range, doesn't make an EV a good choice. And 'quite comparable" doesn't cut it for many people, with the sacrifice of range & therefore flexibility.

EVs are best for 2+ car families, with a garage and adequate parking space, with one person working relatively close to home. There are a lot of people in that category, but it is a subset of the entire market.

Comment: Re:So paying more in the long run is better? (Score 1) 49 49

Was this some sort of lease to own scheme? Municipalities tend to pay very little for cash less than a leasing company. Are we surrounded by idiots with no impulse control or long term thinking to think leasing is cheaper?

Without discussion of lease terms, length, and end of lease requirements, you really can't determine if there is anything to be saved. Also, installation costs might be a big factor purposely not discussed. It may be easy to lease the lights, but the costs of installation (and maybe even maintenance) drive the real cost up and potential benefit down.

Comment: If its seems too good..... (Score 1) 49 49

We can lease LEDs for all our outdoor lighting for $4,000 per month and save $8,000 on electricity right away

You can't save $8000t "right away". That's just bullshit.

What they are doing is depending heavily on tax subsidy/credits... not actual cost. Then twisting the numbers.

+ - Can New Chicago Taxes on Netflix, Apple, Spotify Withstand Legal Challenges?->

Mr D from 63 writes: In a tax ruling issued in early June, the city of Chicago expanded its amusement tax to include amusements such as TV shows, movies, videos, music and online games, if they are delivered by electronic means to customers in the city. The ruling became effective July 1.

The initial tax rate is 9% on streaming content. Sales of movies and music and the rest is not taxable, and the tax must be paid whether a customer is paying a subscription charge, a per event fee or some other variation. Chicago expects to collect $12 million a year as a result of the new tax ruling.

Amusement Tax Ruling;

The amusement tax applies to charges paid for the privilege to witness, view or participate in an amusement. This includes not only charges paid for the privilege to witness, view or participate in amusements in person but also charges paid for the privilege to witness, view or participate in amusements that are delivered electronically. Thus:

        a) charges paid for the privilege of watching electronically delivered television shows, movies or videos are subject to the amusement tax, if the shows, movies or videos are delivered to a patron (i.e., customer) in the City (see paragraph 13 below);

        b) charges paid for the privilege of listening to electronically delivered music are subject to the amusement tax, if the music is delivered to a customer in the City;

        c) and charges paid for the privilege of participating in games, on-line or otherwise, are subject to the amusement tax if the games are delivered to a customer in the City.

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Antropologist (Score 1) 127 127

The article really has nothing to do with nuclear power plants, despite the opening references. He is talking about the poor security at the Oak Ridge facility. If private security guards are so bad, maybe they should call in the experts from Homeland Security.

He is purposely conflating nuclear power plants with Oak Ridge, which is a trick regularly employed by Union of Concerned Scientists in their anti-nuclear cries. The simple fact they resort to those tactics tells you something about them.

Comment: Re:Profit over safety (Score 1) 127 127

I am GM of a nuclear power plan ....

You are a liar, that is about all you are. "engineering" doesn't tell a GM to shut the plant down to fix a pump. Operators do that, and its all proceduralized so there is no GM decision to make.

You can't even describe what pumps you are talking about nor their function.

Comment: Enable the 'act now' crowd (Score 4, Interesting) 166 166

Part of this approach is simply that the offer allows people that are considering new hardware to go ahead and do it, and not wait for W10. In the past, many would hold off as a new OS was on the horizon. So its not necessarily all about saving $$.

Comment: Re:Does Uber need executives in France? (Score 1) 328 328

I think over half of the US union force is government workers, so that would put them about even in private industry. I also looked for a breakdown country by country, but its hard to find. Some countries don't allow federal employee unions, others its almost 100%, and that makes a big difference in the figures.

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