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Comment: Re:Privacy is dead (Score 1) 125

by Mr D from 63 (#47514381) Attached to: Privacy Lawsuit Against Google Rests On Battery Drain Claims
I'd guess that a given a clear choice, a majority here would choose a free ad supported, information sharing app over a paid, no-info sharing app. If you have a crap load of free apps on your phone, you are taking advantage of the value of that information you are providing.

Not knowing exactly what information about me sits in the Google repository, and what portion of it can be traced directly back to me is the troubling part. I don't care if all that info is turned into 'generic' or 'anonymous' info and used for market development.

Comment: Re:Algae (Score 1) 101

Heat transfer in any system has an efficiency loss associated with it. If you have a primary heat system and transfer that energy to a secondary steam system, you will lose energy in the process. Part of that lost energy is not only direct heat loss from the slowed heat transfer rates, but also in the additional energy required circulate through the heat exchanger, which depends on a lot of fluid passing over a larger surface area.

Comment: Re:Algae (Score 2) 101

Water in a typical closed steam system is managed with various chemicals, and not simply pure water. That is because even with pure water, you will always get some interaction with the system elements and oxygen or whatever gases are present. Methods for managing that have been optimized for large steam plants. Who knows what would "get into the water" even in a closed system with this material and whatever others are required.

I wouldn't assume you can produce high pressure steam with any velocity through this foam. It appears very fragile, and would probably get torn apart by even a low flow approach. If true, that makes a direct closed system approach unlikely. If not true, it still would appear to require a huge exposure area to produce any usable output, which presents significant flow management and collection problems.

So, not all slashdotters are as lost on the matter as you may suppose.

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by Mr D from 63 (#47509241) Attached to: EPA Mulling Relaxed Radiation Protections For Nuclear Power
Not even close. The waste is funded during the life of the plant. Today's plant designs are for a minimum 60 years of operation, but solar PV life ranges from 15 to 25 years, required all that capital to spent again to replace. Of course, nuclear plants will have lifetime costs as well, but not 3 x cap in present day dollars.

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by Mr D from 63 (#47508389) Attached to: Netflix Reduces Physical-Disc Processing, Keeps Prices the Same

You could say that if we lived in an inflationary economy. Since we don't, that explanation doesn't hold water.

You could say that if there were no inflation, but since there is, that response doesn't hold water.

On top of that, they got those fast lane fees to cover.

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Didn't RTMF... What happens when it gets all gunked up with algae?

It seems fouling would be a big problem in an open system. If you had a closed system, sandwiched the material under a glass plate and circulated pure water or some other fluid in a closed system, with a heat transfer means on a bottom plate, then maybe that would make a usable system. But that would also reduce efficiency by some amount.

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by Mr D from 63 (#47501859) Attached to: California In the Running For Tesla Gigafactory
Certainly I didn't mean to totally ignore politics. If you took my post that way then I understand your response. My point is that primary drivers for a state & location selection are much more 'what can you do for me" based wrt taxes, infrastructure, energy cost, etc. If they get political concessions in that mix, great, but without those other items covered, the political end becomes meaningless.

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