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SInce Disney owns ESPN, they can hold us sports addicts hostage to their content packages. College Sports could move to more of their own networks, but right now those are basically ESPN affiliations. The NFL or NBA might lead the charge if they found they could get greater revenue via their own distributions, but they are making big $$ now and not likely to take any risks.

Maybe Netflix could branch to live content. That would become interesting.

+ - Cutting the Cord? Time Warner loses 184,000 TV subscribers in one quarter.->

Submitted by Mr D from 63
Mr D from 63 (3395377) writes "Time Warner Cable’s results have been buoyed recently by higher subscriber numbers for broadband Internet service. In the latest period, however, Time Warner Cable lost 18,000 overall residential customer relationships.

The addition of 92,000 residential high-speed data customers was offset by 184,000 fewer residential video customers in the quarter. Triple play customers fell by 24,000, while residential voice additions were 14,000."

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by Mr D from 63 (#48259423) Attached to: Pope Francis Declares Evolution and Big Bang Theory Are Right
Scientific reasoning tells me there are reasons religious beliefs are common throughout human societal history. That same scientific reasoning tells me that, because of its place in our societal history, hatred of those based on their practice of religion is more irrational than the practice of religion itself.

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I know this is petulant and pedantic, but Dunning-Kruger is statistical, and only reflects the naturalness of a lack of detailed introspection.

More over, some people are genuinely competent at things. I want to object to the notion that it's an inescapable human failing, because Dunning and Kruger's research didn't show that. Just a strong overall trend.

I think it stands to reason that those who don't know the details or have a depth of understanding on a subject can oversimplify things and believe the basis or solutions are simpler than they really are. I see this a lot in discussion of technical issues on /., where some can gloss over all the complications they are not aware of and propose solutions that seem quite logical when the underlying details are not considered . But, as you pointed out, one can understand the depths of a subject and have confidence in their answer as well. The better you know a topic, the better you know your limits within that topic as well.

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