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Submission Humans Are More Toxic to Wildlife than Chernobyl->

derekmead writes: The Chernobyl disaster remains the worst nuclear accident in human history, with a death toll that is difficult to tally even decades later. Given the sobering reach of the resulting radiation contamination, you might expect the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone—the 4,200 square kilometers in the immediate vicinity of the explosion—to have suffered serious long-term ecological damage.

Surprisingly, though, a study published today in Current Biology shows that wildlife in the exclusion zone is actually more abundant than it was before the disaster. According to the authors, led by Portsmouth University professor of environmental science Jim Smith, the recovery is due to the removal of the single biggest pressure on wildlife—humans.

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Comment Re:Oovoo (Score 1) 115

I've found Oovoo to be simple to use and easy to get my un-tech family members to use. I think they have apps for everything except maybe Linux. You can store and send video messages, chat, or video chat. You can also invite non-oovoo callers to a video call via a web app. Quality is pretty good as well.

Comment Re:Donna Ford (Score 1) 444

She certainly makes a lot of claims but supplies no examples. Somehow she insinuates that higher income parents have some way of knowing the tests are coming that the other parents don't have. She insinuates rich parents may be using expensive aids to prepare their kids but shows no proof that is happening, not even a specific example.

Finding those talented kids among the disadvantaged is important, but the default mode of blaming systemic bias as the cause of all our problems only ensures we'll keep bickering and some bright kids will keep missing opportunities.

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