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Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 56

Nope. Not Siri. It can not act within the context of applications. Can only bring you to it.

That would require the revival of the Open Scripting Architecture (OSA) upon which Carbon Apple Events were and AppleScript was sitting on. Aka, you cane make the analogy that OSA was to AppleScript what JRE is to Java.

But coding for OSA was a PITA. Required lots of App abstraction into the OSA object model and for any App not designed for that in mind, was a major retrofit job. That's the reason it never caught on much.

Comment Re:Much rejoicing (Score 2) 164

It appears he has a more open sense of humor you sport.

He's been quite eager to participate in comedy when invited. Undoubtedly he's going through an excruciatingly debilitating ordeal, four decades longer than his doctor told him. So yes, he can

In the end the joke's on us because few understand what he's talking about. Entirely.

Comment Re:Slashdot (Score 3, Informative) 226

It's not about having a name to attack. It's about self-control. When you sign a post (regardless if it's your real name or an alias like "mouser"), you tend to be more careful about what you post and avoid useless jibber. It also prunes some of the trolls because while one could still create an account for trolling purpose, at some point it becomes bothersome to do so as troll accounts get closed/locked.

Funny comments or even jabs are still doable for as long as they are either on-topic, relevant and not derogatory or otherwise disruptive.

Comment moderation is, also, not about popularity contest. It's about highlighting, in the flood of comments, those that stand out for their insightful, interesting or funny content.

Metamoderation is there to weed out abuse. Admittedly, sometimes it lacks context.

Comment Re:Slashdot (Score 5, Insightful) 226

Slashdot with comments is dying.

When I first signed up, stories hard hundreds, if not thousands of comments and most where relevant.

Now, it's just fucking kiddy trolls that dont even bother signing up or maintaining their passwords. Stories dwindled down to less than 100 comments, most of which are anonymous garbage.

To save Slashdot, posting as anonymous should require still being logged in. This way, most posts would be accountable to someone and you'd still have the possibility of anonymity for protection against reprisal from peers. (And even that is debatable... not like this is wikileaks).

Comment Re:Cry me a river (Score 3, Interesting) 457

Oracle had (and still have) much reliance on Java and Sun hardware for their server & middleware tiers. They simply could NOT let it die along with Sun or, worse yet, let it pass to a competitor.

Disclaimer: that's as far as I will comment on that issue, as I am an Oracle employee. Though I have nothing to do with the Java or Sun group, the native mobile apps I develop eventually touches Java code, server side. It's everywhere.

Comment Re:And (Score 1) 236

Pretty much. When Oracle bought the company I worked for (CS&T/Lexacom), it was for our Calendar server and apps (remember Netscape Calendar? That was us). Our server would periodically download an international air traffic controller time zone files that the aviation industry uses to synchronizes their world clocks (in terms of time zone usage... actual clocks mare timed using the atomic clocks). Our client code would download this time zone file through our server and parse them for proper display of various time zones in our calendars. There are time zones out there that are 15mins increments.

This 30mins North Korea TZ shift is indeed insignificant and of no consequence/value for anyone. There are, literally, more than a dozen time zone changes every month.

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