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Comment Re:Data data everywhere and not a drop to think (Score 4, Insightful) 366

The iPad is not at fault here. Pilot did simple math and forgot to carry over a "1". There's no carry over when you let a software add.

It's a whole system failure: paper being handed out to be hand-computer and then the number punched into a iPad for final trust numbers which are then entered in the avionics system.

A frickin piezo on the landing gears would have done the trick.

Comment Re:No mention of ad blocking support (Score 2) 96

Programmable apps are OK for as long as they dont download code. Even scripting applications (I have one on the AppStore that even has an Obj-C bridge).

It's a bit of a non-sensical rule given the web's use of JavaScript. Previously, so long as your app used the system-provided JS engine in the various web views available to developers (such as the WebKit), your app was sufficiently protected (and so was the user) because Apple took the grunt of the sandbox protection.

According to the link in the original post:

Mozilla has since decided that its stubbornness isn’t worth the loss in potential users (Firefox for Android passed 100 million downloads in four years). While Firefox for iOS may not be powered by the company’s Gecko rendering engine, it still includes features that Firefox users have come to expect, and that’s what the company plans to push to anyone interested.

Basically means that FireFox uses WebKit and thus Apple's JS implementation.

Comment Re:Going out of business ... (Score 3, Interesting) 200

The I read it for the articles joke was actually not so much of a joke for many. Tities notwithstanding, there were some good material in that magazine, including famous writers participations. Asimov being one of the many.

But without the pink, there will be little left in there that can't be gotten online anyhow.

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