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Comment: Re:Oh God No... (Score 1) 222

by MouseR (#49148411) Attached to: Harrison Ford To Return In Blade Runner Sequel

It is said in the movie that Rachel was "an experiment, nothing more". That she did not know what it was. This contrasts with the N6s which where in service. Not a mere experiment.

Doesn't explain why Leon likes his precious photos, giving that he what what he was. But that's not the only hole in the plot.

Comment: Re:So how many Sparc Systems does Oracle Run? (Score 4, Informative) 190

by MouseR (#49041663) Attached to: Five Years After the Sun Merger, Oracle Says It's Fully Committed To SPARC

Fore disclaimer: I'm employed by Oracle.

My duties at Oracle have always been developing Mac and (more recently) iOS Apps. So I end up using Apple hardware. That aside, all developers have a remote unix account for development. We host server instances of the particular product we develop for, and have other such servers for hosting a number of dev tools. Many of those servers are hosted on "Sunacle" (my term) hardware.

In the Mtl office, we also have a bunch of Sun stations in various places like some local server rooms and demo/training rooms.

Sun is *everywhere* around me. Oracle has a huge investment in Sun (both in hardware optimisation and Java) which led to the acquisition 5 years ago. Was more of an investment rescue than a growth acquisition, if you ask me. BUT I DO NOT KNOW for sure if my point of view & assessment is what really led to the acquisition. Developers are not privy to such details.

Comment: Re:LFI (Score 1) 422

by MouseR (#48994551) Attached to: What Happened To the Photography Industry In 2014?

I totale agree with that but my point is, no one carries a digital camera, just in case, anymore.

Was a thing before the iPhone. I'd go to events, concerts, picnics, vacations carrying that PowerShot or similar devices. I bought a digital hard drive Sony camcorder for a martial arts stage trip in Europe.

Would I do that now? Hell no. My phone takes better photos and videos of your average consumer electronics. Of course if you're a pro or even an amateurish enthusiast, you might carry a reflex camera with a bunch of lens and filters. But the bulk of people just dont give enough if a crap or just wouldn't know what to do with that kind of equipment.

Get me a point-and-click affordable lidar or KFI and I will buy for those occasional trips and outings.

Comment: Re:Hey Apple, here's some free consulting (Score 1, Insightful) 155

by MouseR (#48991503) Attached to: Apple Said To Be Working On a Pay TV Service

Works well for Netflix/ 8$ a month and no commercials.

My cable TV bill used to be 160$ to get HD/PVR/Channel On Demands (which the pileup of all the crap you dont want but are forced to get through CRTC and "cable packages").

Quite a savings since I dumped cable TV out the house.

Comment: Re:Slave Labour is certainly profitable (Score 1) 534

by MouseR (#48923095) Attached to: Apple Posts $18B Quarterly Profit, the Highest By Any Company, Ever

Apple repeatedly said they would manufacture in the US should it be able to man those plants and that is not the case right now. There's no manufacturing plant in the US that would be able to sustain the volume requirements.

Tim Cook often commented on this. Best they could do for now was to build Mac Pros in US. It's a much smaller volume.

"I'm not afraid of dying, I just don't want to be there when it happens." -- Woody Allen