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Comment: Re:Nothing new (Score 1) 74

Actually, Apple does try to catch those apps that sign out. In the process, they will miss the more cunning ones. And they make false positives.

One of my free iOS Apps, a RPN stack-based scripting language, came with some sample scripts you could in-click install (aka, move from App bundle into the sandboxed Documents). The App also had a button linking directly to a Wiki explaining the language and had copies of the scripts.

Somehow Apple evaluated that my App downloaded the sample scripts from my wiki down to the user device. They considered it violated the TAC concerning the "download of executable code" and had refused my original App submission. No amount of debating on the phone with Christ Whats-His-Name resulted in him even wanting to listen, giving me the cold shoulder. I shrugged it off, reworked some of the app and shipped.

Many revisions later, the App actually still has some sample scripts that it "auto installs". Just no longer has the Wiki link directly (it has a script to access it and now, inline manual).

Comment: Re:Every Damn Day (Score 1) 227

by MouseR (#49600165) Attached to: Want 30 Job Offers a Month? It's Not As Great As You Think

I get 1 new recruiter request per month. What typically follows is spamming of job offers because one keyword matched in their database. Such as "programming". I've had some pretty interesting offers once in a while. Perhaps not interesting enough to jump ship after all the advantages I have for working 18 years in the same house, but some came very close. But on the average of 10-15 offers a month, most are totally irrelevant to what my profile lays out in terms of specialties and experience.

The problem boils down to the recruiters not understanding the core technologies they're being tasked as manning. So they shoot all around hoping for a positive hit because they want their fees and will go as far as sharing their fees with a sign-in bonus.

Can you imagine a 500$ sign-in bonus would have an 18 year veteran jump ship?

Comment: Re:Good thing (Score 1) 359

by MouseR (#49559103) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed

Thank you. Precisely what pushed me away from G+ and ultimately YouTube. They forced me to change my user ID and logon to a G+ account which I did not care for, less so for gmail. In the end, not only did I never cared for G+, it made me abandon my YouTube account because I can't be bothered remembering the stupid GMail/G+ account they force me to use.

Too bad because YouTube is still the best video sharing outlet.

Frankly, I'm probably going to move my videos to FB once they do release their video sharing platform.

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