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Comment Taxi licenses are crazy expensive (Score 4, Informative) 334 334

In Quebec, it costs upwards of 200,000$ CDN to have a taxi license.

Drivers spent their entire life's saving enough to buy their own license while they lease another one's. It's their only retirement plan: lease a license they earned to buy.

No wonder they're pissed.

Submission + - Falcon 9 explodes during ascension

MouseR writes: About 2:40 into it's flight, Falcon 9 exploded along stage 2 and the Dragon capsule, before even the stage 1 separation.

Telemetry and videos are inconclusive without further analysis as to what went wrong. Everything was green lights.

This is a catastrophe for SpaceX which enjoyed, until now, a perfect launch record.

Comment Re:Not the only game in town? (Score 2) 49 49

That flying dildo is nowhere near as capable as the Falcon 9 or Falcon Heavy.

Space X has a good decade headstart on any competition.

Crew Vehicle: Check, awaiting final approval for maned test flight
Crew Abort System: Check, tested and approved
Falcon 9: zero failure on all commercial flights
Dragon rendez-vous with ISS: check

Comment Re:Because titan has ice, pluto isn't even a plane (Score 2) 98 98

It was rejected because Pluto is still bigger than Charon and while pluto wobbles around the barycentre, Charon still orbits then both thus making it a moon.

Begs to think what to call binary star systems when they have the same conditions, like Polaris (yes: the polar star is a binary star system consisting of Polaris A and Polaris B).

I love watching binaries on my telescope. Started with the realization that Ursula Majopris (the Great Dipper) also included binary stars. Mizar (the second star from the tip of the dipper handle) is a binary, as Polaris, observable with domestic telescope (I use a 6" Celestron Nexstar 6SE).

Comment Re:Lets keep facilitating this (Score 1) 276 276

Obviously there will be some that will register with throwaway emails but it's at least a deterrent for the occasional trolls that just comment for the sake of leaving negativity behind.

I moderate a small car-oriented forum and when we locked down posting to registered members, it cut the spam a great deal. We still have a great deal of bots registering accounts but given email verification requirement, only about 1 a week makes it through and ends up posting one or two messages before one of the mods delete the trash.

When you have to use your (or some kind of) identity (regardless if it can be pinned to anyone in particular), it usually makes people think twice before posting.

Comment Re:No new physics == Michelson–Morley of the (Score 1) 61 61

Ignoring previous results on the Higgs Boson;

No new physics/results from these collisions would STILL be a welcomed puzzle. It would mean that the expectations are wrong and thus indicate something is missing in the standard model.

Science has progressed equally in the absence of proof as with validation of expectations. It's the discovery and the adaptation of knowledge that is more important.

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