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Comment: TV is cheap. (Score 1) 502

by Mourice (#32058694) Attached to: One In Eight To Cut Cable and Satellite TV In 2010

We gave up TV about 2 years ago, but still the cheapest broadband available to us was $50 a month (for the first year) cable. When it jumped to $70 a month, the cable company offered us Internet and TV for the original $50.

We still watch everything on the web, but as long as it's still cheaper to have television and Internet together, we will always have pay TV. I see this happening for as long as television providers have a monopoly on high speed Internet in most communities.


Recovering Data From Noise 206

Posted by kdawson
from the sparse-world-after-all dept.
An anonymous reader tips an account up at Wired of a hot new field of mathematics and applied algorithm research called "compressed sensing" that takes advantage of the mathematical concept of sparsity to recreate images or other datasets from noisy, incomplete inputs. "[The inventor of CS, Emmanuel] Candès can envision a long list of applications based on what he and his colleagues have accomplished. He sees, for example, a future in which the technique is used in more than MRI machines. Digital cameras, he explains, gather huge amounts of information and then compress the images. But compression, at least if CS is available, is a gigantic waste. If your camera is going to record a vast amount of data only to throw away 90 percent of it when you compress, why not just save battery power and memory and record 90 percent less data in the first place? ... The ability to gather meaningful data from tiny samples of information is also enticing to the military."

Liberalism and Atheism Linked To IQ 33

Posted by samzenpus
from the let-the-flamewar-begin dept.
Pharmboy writes "CNN is reporting that Evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa at the the London School of Economics and Political Science correlated data on these behaviors with IQ from a large national US sample and found that, on average, people who identified as liberal and atheist had higher IQs. This applied also to sexual exclusivity in men, but not in women. The findings will be published in the March 2010 issue of Social Psychology Quarterly."

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