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Comment: Re:Something is not right here... (Score 1) 666

by MortimerV (#40933325) Attached to: Man Orders TV On Amazon, Gets Shipped Assault Rifle

Oh, nevermind. Another post here says that someone put this guy's shipping label over the original one on the package which had it destined for a gun shop, so the problem occurred after it left the merchant's hands.

Comment: Re:Something is not right here... (Score 1) 666

by MortimerV (#40932747) Attached to: Man Orders TV On Amazon, Gets Shipped Assault Rifle

I think it's more likely that the Assault Rifle was mis-matched to the TV, either via a similar but mistyped product identifier causing Amazon to think they're the same (not likely, they have other measures in place to stop this), or due to the merchant making a mistake and saying "Yep, this product looks right" to get it live without doublechecking things.

The rifle's description on Amazon would then be set to the TV's even though the products are completely different -- the merchant's description and pictures are ignored because they aren't the main seller of the product. A customer makes a purchase, the merchant sees the order and doesn't notice it's for a TV because they're rushing to ship all their orders (or maybe it doesn't even say on their end, but that seems unlikely), and the assault rifle goes out.

Complete mismatches like that don't happen too often, percentage-wise, but with a combination of the right/wrong factors, human error comes into play and they can slip by.

Comment: Re:Falling to near zero?? (Score 4, Interesting) 274

by MortimerV (#40602153) Attached to: Algorithmic Pricing On Amazon 'Could Spark Flash Crash'

Exactly, a floor price is used to prevent this sort of crash from happening. I'd imagine there could be some sellers on there that haven't set up their floors properly and they could lose money on a few products, but the entire site won't implode from this.

If those sellers don't honor the prices, they'll get bad user ratings and lose some future sales over it.

Comment: Re:Reading the article..... (Score 1) 252

by MortimerV (#35649130) Attached to: ISP's War On BitTorrent Hits <em>World of Warcraft</em>

That's what I meant. If you use bittorrent, you get throttled. You only notice it if you play WoW, so their solution is to tell people not to play WoW (or any game) so they won't notice. It's not a solution at all, they're just telling their customers to cover their eyes so they won't see the problem.

Comment: Re:Reading the article..... (Score 2) 252

by MortimerV (#35648714) Attached to: ISP's War On BitTorrent Hits <em>World of Warcraft</em>

If people run torrents (the WoW updater) their connection is throttled. If they run WoW with a throttled connection, there is a problem. If they don't run WoW with a throttled connection, there is no problem.

Either way, the connection is throttled. It's just that if you don't play WoW during it you're less likely to notice.

Comment: Re:Works as a game balancer too. (Score 1) 157

by MortimerV (#35270186) Attached to: Late Night Gaming Banned In Vietnam

Keep an eye out for free to play games. These two are probably a different genre than you want, but League of Legends has a "first win" bonus, such that with 1-2 hours of play you'll have collected a big bonus and can't collect it again for another day. Bloodline Champions has a bonus pool that triples your earnings until you exhaust it, and that resets daily. It takes about an hour to work through that. You can still play the game afterwards for rewards and fun play, but exhausting that bonus makes for a nice stopping point.

I'd imagine some free to play MMO will pop up sooner or later that'll have a longer to achieve daily bonus (as MMOs tend to be slower paced than the above action games).

Comment: Fast on the clicker (Score 2) 674

by MortimerV (#35228548) Attached to: Watson Wins Jeopardy Contest

I didn't watch it all, but the thing I noticed was that, when Watson thought it had an answer, most of the time it'd click in first. The other contestants didn't have a chance to attempt to answer.

So Watson wins on reaction time, which isn't a surprise for a computer that knows exactly when it can first ring in. How would it have done with a human's reaction time on clicking, just answering on questions alone?

Comment: Re:Cyclops, use your eyebeams! (Score 2, Interesting) 255

by MortimerV (#33113852) Attached to: Why Bad 3D, Not 3D Glasses, Gives You Headaches

Maybe your frames are different, maybe you have a big nose, maybe your theater uses differently sized 3D glasses, who knows!

Come to think of it, if you use big framed glasses do they have a separate nosepiece? Mine are small, thin glasses, but the nosepiece adds extra space to them. It's not the glasses pressing into my face, it's the nosepiece on my nose.

If I ever go to another 3D showing, I'm tempted to take the lenses from the 3D glasses and attempt to make them into a clip-on. That'd solve the annoyance of the big frames and mean I only have to wear one pair of glasses!

Comment: Haven't upgraded for a minor nitpick (Score 1) 261

by MortimerV (#32661316) Attached to: Firefox 3.6.4 Released With Out-of-Process Plugins

This sounds like a nice feature. My flash and other processes don't crash on me often, but when they do they can be frustrating. There was one thing that kept me on firefox 3.5 rather than 3.6, though.

It's really silly, but.. when I use the autoscroll (middle click) and am slowly scrolling down through a page, I like to use the mousewheel to scroll faster occasionally, or back up a little bit, while the scroll is still moving. In 3.6 I found that moving the mousewheel canceled the autoscroll. This is also a problem because my mousewheel's a bit sensitive, so sometimes just brushing it would cancel autoscroll.

Anybody know if there's a way to change that behavior so mousewheel doesn't cancel autoscroll, or if it's been reverted in a later 3.6 release?

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