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Watergate "Deep Throat" Mark Felt Dead At 95 126

Posted by kdawson
from the linda-lovelace-in-mourning dept.
Hugh Pickens writes "W. Mark Felt Sr., 95, associate director of the FBI during the Watergate scandal, better known as 'Deep Throat,' the most famous anonymous source in American history, died at his home in Santa Rosa, California. Felt secretly guided Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein to pursue the story of the 1972 break-in of the Democratic National Committee's headquarters at the Watergate office buildings, and later of the Nixon administration's campaign of spying and sabotage against its perceived political enemies. 'It's impossible to exaggerate how high the stakes were in Watergate,' wrote Felt in his 2006 book A G-Man's Life. 'We faced no simple burglary, but an assault on government institutions, an attack on the FBI's integrity, and unrelenting pressure to unravel one of the greatest political scandals in our nation's history.' No one knows exactly what prompted Felt to leak the information from the Watergate probe to the press. He was passed over for the post of FBI director after Hoover's death in 1972, a crushing career disappointment. 'People will debate for a long time whether I did the right thing by helping Woodward. The bottom line is that we did get the whole truth out, and isn't that what the FBI is supposed to do?'"

Comment: Robinson list (Score 1) 381

by MortenLJ (#24669365) Attached to: FTC Bans Prerecorded Telemarketing Drivel
In Denmark we have what is called a Robinson list. The list is made by a centralized government entity, and anyone can be added to the list without cost. All telemarketing firms have to download the list every three months and they are obliged by law not to call anyone from the list. Since I joined the list 3-4 years ago, I have only had one telemarketing call which apologized dearly when they saw their mistake. However, this might not scale well from a nation of 5 million people to the 300 million of the US ;-)

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