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Comment: Re:Compelling? (Score 1) 243

by Morpeth (#49729385) Attached to: Why Apple Ditched Its Plan To Build a Television

I can't even go near Wired anymore. It's as if Apple is the only tech company on the planet and anything they touch is gold -- no, not just gold, but iGold, it's better than original gold. I literally looked up their parent company because I was sure Apple owned them.

And oh yeah, Apple invents everything according to Wired it seems, they'd never borrow/steal, no never... because no other company could ever innovate or invent.

Comment: I'm VERY disappointed by people's responses here (Score 2) 528

by Morpeth (#49709379) Attached to: Harvard Hit With Racial Bias Complaint

I don't get why people are basically saying 'fuck you, tough shit'.

These are kids who worked their asses off to get into college and have to OUTPERFORM peers to to get into the same schools. This is not the case of an under qualified or underachieving person getting in simply because of their race (which I never liked), but getting pushed out even though THEY'RE BETTER CANDIDATES because of their race.

How does anyone think this is fair or just? Jesuz fuck people, imagine if that was your kid....

Comment: Re:I am waiting... (Score 3, Interesting) 852

by Morpeth (#49683115) Attached to: Religious Affiliation Shrinking In the US

Here's a start for you

You might also be interested to know that atheists commit LESS crime than their religious counterparts

And their divorce rate is lower

Meanwhile shall we look at all the wars, murder and mayhem conducted in the name of religion/god? Not sure what the character limit is on /. posts, might exceed it...

Comment: Re:As a father with a daughter (Score 2) 950

Yeah -- there are false rape accusations but THE MAJORITY ARE NOT (FBI stats show about 2-8% are false). And then there's the pressure women feel to not report (shame/fear), religious baggage, and then being re-victimized by cops/courts:

" Baltimore’s “unfounded” rate used to be the highest in the nation, at about 30 percent, due partly to questionable and sometimes downright abusive police procedures, such as badgering a woman about why she waited two hours to report a street assault. By 2013, an effort to provide better training and encourage full investigation of all complaints reduced that rate to less than 2 percent."

Some women recant, not because a rape didn't happen, but because of the shit they'll have to face. Only 40% of rapes are even reported because women know they'll deal with all the usual shit (were you drinking, what were you wearing, did you smile at him -- which to people like you seems to mean 'she was asking for it')

You sound like a rape apologist and victim blamer. So why don't YOU 'open your fucking eyes'

Comment: As a father with a daughter (Score 1, Insightful) 950

... most of the comments here scare the sh-t out of me.

A lot of people whining that the world isn't fair to men, are you fucking kidding me? Who gets raped, men? RARELY. And the whole 'so many women falsely accuse men of rape'. That's total fucking bullshit.

Who has to actually carry a child to term, and possibly raise them alone when the man bails, men? Who still are generally underpaid compared the other sex, men. Who runs the vast majority of the governments and writes the laws, men.

I know lots of young egotistical narcissistic young men who think they're fucking so special that if a women rejects their 'charms', suddenly they're a b-tch or a c-nt. Comments above demonstrate the point perfectly.

C'mon people, I'm not promoting self-flagellation, but seriously do you REALLY think that way?

Comment: Sigh... seriously? (Score 2) 353

... quit and work for yourself (and see how hard it is to pay for resources, benefits, insurance, lawyers, etc.), OR realize all the things being employed by a stable company offers you and be thankful.

And no, I don't mean just be happy being a worker bee, but it's a give and take relationship as an employee, and you only want to take.

Seriously, with that attitude, I'd never hire you as you sound like someone with no loyalty and nothing but "me me me" for a mindset.

Comment: The slow boiling frog... (Score 1) 101

by Morpeth (#49631519) Attached to: Apple's Plans For Your DNA

... I think the water temp just crept up a few more degrees. And the frogs just keep smiling.

I got into programming just as the web was really taking off (~25 yrs ago maybe), and I had such high hopes of what it would bring 'regular' people. Now, it's filled with ads, trolls, extreme corporatism, the commonditization of 'us' (our habits, our data, our everything), and just plain old crap (Kartrashians etc).

I think social media has turned us into oh-so-willing data givers, we're just happy to share freaking everything, for a coupon, a 'Like', or a thumbs up. Corporations couldn't be happier. My DNA info with Apple? FUCK THAT, I don't care how they spin it.

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