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Comment: Why the IKEA hate? (Score 1) 71

by Morpeth (#49365417) Attached to: Ikea Refugee Shelter Entering Production

Given now successful they are (our local one is always busy, and packed on weekends) -- I don't get the hate. They make affordable things, with well-thought out space-saving designs, and I've had no problems with durability. From their kids' stuff, to kitchen items to storage units, we've made good use of IKEA in our home without spending a fortune like you would at say some overpriced places like Restoration Hardware (gag...)

Comment: Rolex would be better (Score 2) 192

by Morpeth (#49222307) Attached to: Will you buy the new $10,000 Apple Watch?

I am not a conspicuous consumer, don't give a crap about fashion, making 'statements' with my clothes, whatever, BUT if I was going to drop 10k on a watch I'd get a Rolex -- simply because they hold their value. [Do I think they're worth it, absolutely not, but they do resell well regardless]

In 10 years a Rolex bought today will still be worth a lot, an apple watch will be a paperweight, maybe a quaint conversation piece, because the tech will be utterly useless more or less in that time.

I realize there are people with money to burn, but honestly, if I had 10k to casually throw around, there are SO many more fun toys to buy.

Comment: Re:Uh ...wat? (Score 1) 467

"gets more awesome the more news I hear about him"

You mean like screaming about evolution being not true?

Or giving Rhode Island taxpayers the shaft when his completely failed as a businessman, and left them holding the bag?

I'm just really curious about your definition of awesome?

Comment: The 38 Studios mess (Score 0) 467

and the screwing over of the Rhode Island taxpayers to the tune of ~115 MILLION forever puts him on the scumbag list (especially given his hardcore right wing rants about welfare, etc when he's happy to take corporate welfare)

HOWEVER, his daughter has nothing to do with him being a raging a-hole complete douchebag and anti-science nut.

Comment: Carpe Diem (Score 1) 698

I think many other people have posted very thoughtful and hopefully appropriate/useful ideas for you.

Mine would be this... say to yourself in a Monty Python-esque voice "I'm not dead yet..." and make as many memories as you can with her now, while your body still allows it. If you are financially and physically able, maybe travel with her a bit, but it doesn't have to be something grandiose even -- you know what your daughter would enjoy more than any of us.

2-6 months isn't a lot of time, and I sincerely hope you have more than that -- BUT seriously, carpe diem, I don't mean that to sound as cliched as it does, but really use the time wisely to give her as many good and important memories as you can.

I think the videos are a fine idea, but you will never be able to make enough to cover every situation and milestone she'll reach, or not reach. Helping her to be a strong, healthy, happy, inquisitive, confident, fearless young woman will be your be gift, and knowing she'll 'be ok' might make things a bit better as your time draws near.

Best wishes to you, and I'm sorry you have to deal with this shit. As a parent with a young daughter myself, I can't even fathom what you're going through

Comment: Re:I got a butt chewing for giving my daughter hon (Score 1) 243

by Morpeth (#49121571) Attached to: Study: Peanut Consumption In Infancy Helps Prevent Peanut Allergy

Actually there IS some justification on holding off on honey until 12 months, floppy baby syndrome is a real thing. Not saying you did anything wrong, but that's one that does have some scientific reasoning behind it (not just some 'I read it on Natural News blog' kind of pseudoscience)


Comment: Re:Dumb question (Score 5, Interesting) 243

by Morpeth (#49121529) Attached to: Study: Peanut Consumption In Infancy Helps Prevent Peanut Allergy

Our pediatrician once told me, every kid should have eaten a pound of dirt by the time they're two. While she didn't mean it literally (at least not that much dirt), she's talked about the 'immune system needing exercise', and that helicopter parenting actually denies kids a certain amount of exposure that's healthy. To be clear she's NOT an anti-vaxxer, on the contrary, but thinks both natural and pharm assisted immunity/resistance is a good idea.

Comment: Re:Not "like Slashdot" (Score 1) 225

by Morpeth (#48866663) Attached to: Facebook Will Let You Flag Content As 'False'

Perhaps not, but I've had several religious friends 'unfriend' me when they realized I don't believe in magical invisible sky fairies.

Which I find funny, as I don't unfriend someone who believes in invisible special friends, otherwise I'd have a hard time hanging with my adorable 5 yr old.

Comment: Re:Cool (Score 0) 225

by Morpeth (#48866523) Attached to: Facebook Will Let You Flag Content As 'False'

But...but... the bible tells me so, therefor it MUST be true! (/sarcasm).

I always liked Stephen Roberts quote "I contend we are both atheists, I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours."

It never fails to baffle me how people of religion A will say how ridiculous the god(s)/stories/tales of religion B are, but completely fail to apply the same analysis and logic to their own religion that brought them to conclude the other one is so absurd or wrong.

Never say you know a man until you have divided an inheritance with him.