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Comment Re:People can be leeches (Score 1) 842

Definitely, I'm sure that had a lot to do with it too -- but I can only imagine having 'friends' who you couldn't really count on or trust only made it worse. Even if life throws some nasty shit at you, having good people to talk to, hang with, and 'be there', can help a lot. I don't think this guy did because of his wealth.

Comment Re:Input output (Score 1) 381

1600 is a lot more than you think. If you want to go eat a double bacon cheese burger every day, then no, it's not -- since that can easily be 1000 calories, without the fries or drink. However if you're just eating well (healthy), 1600 is pretty manageable since fruits & veggies have surprisingly few calories. I've cut most of mine just by cutting out convenience/packaged foods, and not eat out as much.

Comment People can be leeches (Score 5, Interesting) 842

When I was in college, there was a guy who was really wealthy (no idea how much, not billions, but millions I'm sure) --- his parents died young, I think it was an accident of sorts, and he inherited a fortune, or got a settlement.

Anyway... people used him for free beer, parties, food, anything they could get from him. I knew him tangentially because he was a pen and paper gamer, and ran some D&D sessions so we had some common friends.

The poor guy seemed miserable, knowing most people were only hanging out with him for his money, etc. Seriously, he was just a sad sack, seemed depressed and lonely in that existential kind of way. I know people say 'aw.... poor little rich boy', but I really felt bad for the guy. He seemed like a decent enough person, but the money didn't seem to make his life really that much better. Sure he didn't have student loans like I did, didn't have to work like I did -- but I had some good friends, who certainly didn't hang out with me for money (or lack thereof)

Comment Good -- and here's why (Score 1) 389

Locals call it Denali, it's always been Denali to anyone who knows a damn thing about the area and its history. I've spend my fair share of time up there, and people I know roll their eyes at 'McKinley'.

Renaming it from Denali to McKinley was just political ego boosting, McKinley himself had nothing to do with Alaska, or Denali -- never climbed it, never did anything for it, or the park. And the park it's located in is DENALI National Park & Preserve.

This isn't about being PC or anything like that (there a set of people who will hate Obama for anything, if he cured cancer they'd blame him for putting oncologists out of work...), it's about restoring the correct name it's had for much longer.

Comment Input output (Score 2) 381

Funny, so many developers/coders here, and yet they forget ye old addage 'garbage in, garbage out', or another way, if input > output, guess what happens?

So many people want excuses (it's my genes, it's my metabolism, I'm big boned, blah blah fucking blah). For the VAST majority of people, it's simple, they consume more calories than they burn.... period.

I dropped 30 lbs after keeping a food log for 6 months -- you know what I found, I was initially eating more than I should be, shocker I know! I reduced my calories from ~ 2200 a day to ~1600 and what do you know, I lost about 1-1.5 lb a week every week. It's THAT simple for 99% of the population, why is it everyone claims they're the 1% who have a thyroid or metabolic issue, when they know they're fat cause they fucking eat too much?

People want a pill or quick fix for everything... or an excuse

Comment "12-sided dice" WTF ?!? (Score 5, Insightful) 210

"Hollywood is again rolling its 12-sided dice and taking a chance on translating the popular “Dungeons & Dragons” role-playing game into a movie."

I couldn't get past the first sentence. It's a 20-sided, and it's die, not dice. If you're going to talk to us nerds about gaming culture, and something as important as D&D, at least make SOME effort. Reporting these days sucks... seriously.

Comment "On Facebook you see a lot of violence and porn" (Score 4, Insightful) 293

Hmmmm, really? They must be on a different FB, mine is filled with friends on vacation, pics of their kids, and kittens... lot and lots of kittens.

Sounds like they've been making a lot of effort into finding all this sinful porn and violence on FB...

Comment He was a liar and craptastic 'parent' (Score 1) 266

The whole thing with his daughter (lying about paternity, even lying in open court saying he was infertile -- it's on record), so he didn't have to take responsibility for her, that alone to me put him high on the raging asshole list. Meanwhile he was already a millionaire, and the mother had to go onto public assistance to get by.

Sure, he eventually reconnected with his daughter, once she was like 18 and after he was now a billionaire -- but those early years without a father, can never, ever be replaced not matter what you do.

I'm NOT getting into the MS vs. Apple thing, but I'm much more impressed by what Gates has done with his life & fortunes that Jobs.

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