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Comment: Re:The Sugary Slope (Score 1, Troll) 532

by Morky (#47329291) Attached to: NYC Loses Appeal To Ban Large Sugary Drinks
Were we better off by not heavily taxing cigarettes, putting warning labels on cartons, and banning smoking in public places? How many children have living parents because of that? And yes, the analogy does hold. Nobody should be drinking 20oz. sodas. It's obscene and has become the norm. We are all paying for the dialysis via higher insurance premiums so it's a case where the government should have a mandate to act for the public good.


by Morky (#46349497) Attached to: Report: Space Elevators Are Feasible
The Space Elevator Will Mean: Less Parking, Weird Ribbon Thing, Constant Loud Whirring Noise, Increased Space Elevator Truck Traffic. Developers have submitted plans to build a massive space elevator in Williamsburg! This monstrosity, completely out of context with existing development in the neighborhood, will be accessible only to the wealthy, forcing thousands of average Williamsburgers from their homes and live-work spaces! Jobs the elevator will generate (operators, repairmen, astronauts) are certain to go to non-residents! Don't sit idly by and let this elevator cast its impossibly long, cold, and very narrow shadow over our homes! CALL 311 AND TELL THEM 'I JUST DON'T NEED THIS SPACE ELEVATOR!'"

Comment: Before work (Score 1) 372

by Morky (#42569445) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Stay Fit In the Office?
Get up early three times a week and gym, bike, or run. It's difficult to be consistent going to the gym after work, since you may be drained or want to spend time with friends or family. Working out early also energizes you for the day, one you are a bit in shape (just a few weeks to adjust). Also, your workout doesn't need to be more than 30-45 minutes, but you should work out with some intensity, once you have worried up to being able to do so.

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