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Comment Re:this has nothing to dow ith the tech industry (Score 1) 85

i have found another way. work within the parameters of a fallible human nature

your "way" is to insist we all become saints first

you're a moron. socially retarded. not a baseless insult, an objective description of the quality of your "thinking" on this topic

Comment Re:this has nothing to dow ith the tech industry (Score 0) 85

you're not arguing against a system, you're arguing against the reality of human nature

your thoughts are invalid because you imagine the solution to our problems is to just make people behave in a new way. a way humans never did behave, and never will

you need to make peace with certain ugly aspects of reality you currently reject or unaware of. then put forth solutions that work within those confines. currently you criticize me. that's called shooting the messenger. i'm not supporting the ugly status quo you dislike. i dislike the status quo too. but i realize there is no changing certain ugly aspects of human reality, while you imagine i'm some fool who supports the ugliness

you think that you're some brave soul fighting a nefarious system, when in reality you're just a social retard who doesn't understand basic human nature

you don't matter to what you care about. because you don't understand the topic you inject your ignorance into

Comment Re:this has nothing to dow ith the tech industry (Score 0) 85

ah yes, the problem is human nature itself

if only human beings didn't behave like human beings always have and always will, the world would be a better place

thanks for the dumbfucking obvious observation

but, at some point, perhaps you would actually like to try solve the actual fucking problem, *working within the actual fucking parameters of reality*: the human condition

then the crap you spew might be worth something

Comment Re:this has nothing to dow ith the tech industry (Score 2, Informative) 85

if you have money to spend you influence media, which influences' people's attitudes. people don't derive attitudes in a free will vacuum. they hear positive things about candidates, paid for by the candidates, and they gravitate to those candidates. or they hear negative things about the actually better candidate, because the attacks are paid for, and they gravitate to the plutocrat's stooge. so the tendency to have a lot of money results in the tendency to win elections

welcome to reality

now try to form an actually valid and intelligent opinion, rather than your know-nothing purposeful intellectual dishonesty, or outright low intelligence ignorance

Comment this has nothing to dow ith the tech industry (Score 5, Interesting) 85

the donations of a few rich plutocrats who siphon their cash from technology companies does not represent the tech industry's views or opinions, not in aggregate, not even a significant minority bloc of opinions

larry ellison? really? shouldn't we say he represents yacht buyer's political donations? that's much more accurate

Comment Re:For me, it will always remain the mountain... (Score 4, Interesting) 267

I can't remember who it was... it might have been Halldór Laxnes... who said that a piece of nature isn't really a piece of nature unless it doesn't have a name. That is, the first thing people do once they start interacting with an object or place is to give it a name, and so once something is named it starts to become about the history of people rather than the history of the land itself. And that if you want to establish a real connection with nature, you don't go sit on top of that well-known named peak that people climb... you go to that little nameless stream or that remote nameless cliff or whatnot - places which tell only their own story.

Comment Re:Tradeoffs (Score 1) 42

More to the point, the James Webb telescope is supposed to be launched in late 2018; this flyby isn't until 2019. With seven times the light collecting area as Hubble, it could be a nice addition to the arsenal for finding bodies along Pluto's projected route (especially now that we know better what that route is going to be :) ) Though it operates in mid-IR to low-frequency visible, while Hubble operates primarily in visible/UV... I'm not sure how that would affect the ability to find solid objects. I know that far-IR is very good for it, but James Webb doesn't go down that far.

Comment Re:"clearing the neighborhood" (Score 1) 42

It's even worse than that. Compare Neptune's Stern-Levison parameter to Mars's. Neptune has at least two bodies that are each around 2-3% the mass of Mars in its "neighborhood" (quite possibly even larger ones), yet it has 290 times greater ability to "clear its neighborhood" than Mars. The concept that planets like Mars cleared their own neighborhood of bodies this size is not only unsupported by the research, but blatantly silly on the face of it. The IAU is attributing Jupiter's work at clearing the inner solar system to the inner planets in order to force their definition. And this isn't exactly news - pretty much all orbital dynamics simulations for a long time have been showing this.

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