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Comment: Re:Respect, Please (Score 1) 344

by Mordac (#32001098) Attached to: Cleaner Air Could Speed Global Warming

If you use the tactics, methods and reasoning of deniers, denialists and conspiracy theorists, you need to understand the label applies to you.

convincing arguments from "believers" and "deniers" alike

But, only one of those arguments has tested science behind it. Just because it sounds good doesn't mean its true.

Comment: Re:It will never be big (Score 4, Insightful) 116

by Mordac (#31440210) Attached to: Sony's PS3 Motion Controller Gets Demoed and Named

No significant add-on every does well for a console for a very simple reason: if its not built-in to the core system, game designers are very leery of designing around it.

Wii Fit seems to be doing excellent. Guitar Hero and its ilk (even though you can only use the accessory for the same style game.)

So even though the old style accessories never took off, these modern ones have done rather well. But they also had an excellent bundled product, making them worthwhile.

Comment: Re:Devil's advocate (Score 1) 288

by Mordac (#31262272) Attached to: Gates and MS Don't See Eye-To-Eye On CO2

No, not all of us tree huggers are anti-Nuclear. We do have to counter protest Nuclear Power Plants and explain how much better and safer it is than the current situation. We try and get their attention by explaining that Wind Energy causes more human deaths than Nuclear Power. Heck, we even try and explain what Half-Life really means so people don't freak out over stuff with a half-life in the millions of years (hint, bring a glow stick.)

Comment: Re:This attack was perfectly succesful (Score 1) 809

by Mordac (#30556562) Attached to: Man Tries To Use Explosive Device On US Flight

Let's also remember this is an international flight... that had nothing to do with US Security. He snuck his "explosives" on in Nigeria, and got it through a simple plane change in Amsterdam.

How the US could imagine its all their own fault will be amazing, but I'm sure they can do it.

Comment: Re:This is total BS (Score 1) 486

by Mordac (#30172272) Attached to: Federal Judge Says Corps of Engineers Liable For Katrina Damage

The same Army Crop of Engineers widened the channels that made this disaster occur. They are to blame from beginning to end, they are the most corrupt part of our government, taking handouts to do busy work, then throwing out all environment impact studies for a few dollar contribution from some happy developer.

They could have fixed it, but they preferred spending money on dredging yet another channel that no one actual would use. Bush doesn't need to be blamed for transferring money, the Corp does enough damage itself, but the agri subsidies it runs on its own corruption and no one wants to try and fix it.

Comment: Re:Predictable... (Score 2, Informative) 486

by Mordac (#30172228) Attached to: Federal Judge Says Corps of Engineers Liable For Katrina Damage

They did not build the city next to the gulf and below water. Open a history book, this is a man made disaster, we humans have moved the Gulf to New Orleans and sunk the city. Its what happend when you destroy thousands of square miles of wetlands to allow a couple more ships per day up the Mississippi and ignore why people built New Orleans so far inland (it was to the Gulf originally as Baton Rouge is now.)

For a supposed bunch of intelligent people, most of you readers on Slashdot seem to know nothing of history, nor of engineered malfeasance.

Comment: Re:What? (Score 2, Interesting) 486

by Mordac (#30172160) Attached to: Federal Judge Says Corps of Engineers Liable For Katrina Damage

I wish this was right at the top. I was hoping someone would point out that New Orleans was not naturally in a dangerzone.

The Army Corp of Engineers over a century of work has done so much damage to the surrounding wetlands that the Gulf has encroached hundreds of miles, and the city itself has sunk. The Army Corp in trying to tame the Mississippi doomed New Orleans to this fate, and then did nothing to protect it. Instead they waste money on dredging more channels that will be barely if ever used, and lead to more damaged wetlands and increased flooding.

Comment: Re:Get a leash! (Score 1) 218

by Mordac (#29995800) Attached to: Could GPS Keep Tabs On Your Pets?

GPS would have helped when the Burglar broke into my house and wasn't kind enough to close the back door they bashed in on the way back out.

My scared cat stayed inside, my 2 dogs also stuck around (the thieves did close the front door on the way out.) But my adventurous cat decided to take a walk. We had signs up, every shelter contacted. Our kitty has an ID Chip so if someone picked her up and take her to a vet we'd be okay.

Thankfully 2 weeks later she was meowing on our front porch to be let back in (guess all the tuna bait helped.)

If I had a small GPS locator I would have found her that first day, probably very close to where we were already looking.

Comment: this is too funny (Score 1) 869

by Mordac (#29134193) Attached to: Flickr Yanks Image of Obama As Joker

Everyone complaining about Politics and Free Speech, when this is all about Flickr bandwidth and publicity.

Probably someone low level saw the massive downloads, checked it out, and pulled it down because they thought it was bad publicity for the company.

But here on Slashdot, its a giant conspiracy wrapped in Enigma, with a side of cheese.



US Colleges Say Hiring US Students a Bad Deal 490

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the talking-to-you-cliff dept.
theodp writes "Many US colleges and universities have notices posted on their websites informing US companies that they're tax chumps if they hire students who are US citizens. 'In fact, a company may save money by hiring international students because the majority of them are exempt from Social Security (FICA) and Medicare tax requirements,' advises the taxpayer-supported University of Pittsburgh (pdf) as it makes the case against hiring its own US students. You'll find identical pitches made by the University of Delaware, the University of Cincinnati, Kansas State University, the University of Southern California, the University of Wisconsin, Iowa State University, and other public colleges and universities. The same message is also echoed by private schools, such as John Hopkins University, Brown University, Rollins College and Loyola University Chicago."

Comment: Re:Main benefits are to the environment (Score 1) 921

by Mordac (#28883467) Attached to: UK's FSA Finds No Health Benefits To Organic Food

All you have to do to see how bad our current practices effect the environment is take a boat ride out of the Mississippi delta and into the Gulf, its a gigantic deadzone formed by the fertilizer runoffs. I believe this years deadzone is slightly smaller than last year, only about 10% of the Gulf no longer supports life.

Comment: The 2 biggest problems (Score 1) 358

by Mordac (#28883377) Attached to: iPhone App Tracks Sex Offenders

1. This just gives them more reason to not update, and go underground.
2. So many things these days get you labeled as a sex offender, that the odds are the person you're shunning is actually a decent human who had nothing to do with what your mind thinks.

Security Theater indeed. this stuff makes me actually angry.

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