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Comment: Re:Enterprises Will Like This! (Score 1) 249 249

by MooseMuffin (#38667566) Attached to: Mozilla Announces Long Term Support Version of Firefox
Not sure where all the hate comes from with regards to the faster release schedule. I run firefox on the aurora update channel (updates daily) with addon compatibility checking disabled and nothing ever breaks. Been running this way for nearly a year as my primary browser at home and at work.

Comment: Re:But the Wii doesn't even do HD! (Score 1) 255 255

by MooseMuffin (#38404314) Attached to: Aging Consoles Find New Life As Video Streamers
That's as non-antagonistic as I could muster in a thread comparing game consoles. I managed to refrain from naming any specific systems and withheld comments regarding both the sexual preferences of the owners of lesser consoles, and the promiscuity of said console owners' (presumably overweight) mother's.

Comment: Re:Bad sumary much? (Score 1) 122 122

by MooseMuffin (#38024628) Attached to: Google Pulls the Plug On BlackBerry Gmail App
Also, labels/stars/archiving has been supported by the gmail plugin for a year or two, and is supported without the plugin in OS 7. GP is right though, in that you can't filter based on label. I've been using gmail's filters to both "apply label" and "skip inbox" to prevent certain mail from getting to the device.

Comment: Re:Forget versions if you're pumping them out this (Score 1) 495 495

by MooseMuffin (#37461358) Attached to: Mozilla Contemplating Five Week Release Cycle
I'm not sure why anyone cares what the number says, especially slashdotters, who should be familiar with how meaningless version numbers are. They can go from 4.0.0 to 25.potato::# with a bugfix release for all I care. Posters here often complain about extension breaking or new bugs being introduced, but I've been running firefox's aura branch (which auto updates daily) as my only browser both at work and at home for the last 4 months without any trouble. Version checking is disabled for addons and they all keep working regardless of if they're flagged as compatible or not.

Comment: Re:I don't know... (Score 2) 138 138

by MooseMuffin (#37179232) Attached to: <em>Deus Ex: Human Revolution</em> Released
I've experienced this too. The stealth game works right up until you're detected. If that happens you can usually just sprint back a room or two, and not only will the enemies not find you, they usually won't even leave the room they were in to chase you down the hallway they saw you go down. Also, the boss fights are crap.

Comment: Re:Not hypocritical (Score 4, Insightful) 294 294

by MooseMuffin (#36985000) Attached to: Google Accuses Competitors of Abusing Patents Against Android
Like the GP said, the point of owning patents in this industry is to represent the threat of a countersuit to prevent your competitors from suing you in the first place. That doesn't work in this scenario because you can't countersue Microsoft and Apple if the only patents you own are jointly owned by them too.

Comment: Re:Underwhelming achievement (Score 1) 674 674

by MooseMuffin (#35231686) Attached to: Watson Wins Jeopardy Contest
I see lots of complaints that Watson's buzzer reflexes and instant question parsing time give it an unfair advantage. GOOD. Nobody claimed Watson was supposed to simulate a human playing Jeopardy, it was just supposed to win at Jeopardy. If it can read and buzz in faster than a human ever could then it should absolutely exploit those advantages.

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