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Comment None! (Score 1) 557

When my house burnt down 4 years ago we leveled what was left and started over from scratch. I looked into all the latest tech but the cost was astronomical for most high end tech stuff at that time! The only thing I did put in was nice theater surround in my living room. Splurge on the kitchen area and cabinets. Not cool at all but more re-sale value.

Comment I once interviewed the 'No.3 Clipper Programmer' (Score 1) 285

Back in the early 90's we received a resume at my then employer in which this person stated they where the '#3 Clipper programmer in Rochester, NY'. Well, we HAD to interview him. He wouldn't tell us how he came about this ranking but it was correct! After the interview I told my co-worker that 'if he's the #3 Clipper programmer, then we are #1 & #2 and I'm pretty sure we weren't #1 and #2.' Always wondered were he came up with #3.

Comment I would call 1983 the end of the punch card era. (Score 1) 230

I only used them in college at that time for COBOL, FORTRAN and RPG. You quickly learned NOT to leave your card stack out or someone might do a 'driveby'. That's when someone would walk by, shuffle the deck, then put it back down without anyone noticing.

Comment I still program in BASIC. (Sometimes) (Score 3, Interesting) 146

My companies MRP is the (very) old CA-Maxcim written in BASIC. About every other year some change needs to be made to the code. I grab my old BASIC manual and CA-Maxcim API guide and go to work. We use SQL Server, C#, etc. for all new work and have a 3rd party product to access the CA-Maxcim files but it's funny to think of a $80 million+ company core application is written in BASIC. It just works with no problems.

Comment I was out looking for work.. (Score 1) 207

I just graduated in December with my freshly minted BS in CompSci. I was driving my 1977 Dodge Aspen to meet my new wife at the hospital.. She was a new LPN. The radio broke in that something happened during the launch. I saw explosion when I looked into a patients room. The first and only time I've every gasped out-loud. That was one cancer, one total-loss house fire, putting one child through college and another into college, ready to celebrate 30 year of marriage to the same nurse. (Now a RN administrator) ago.

Comment Learn to Golf (Score 1) 361

Golf is the sport of business. I've meet more people outside my range, CEO's, Presidents, VP's, etc. because I'm a good golfer. It's about getting face time with them and becoming comfortable speaking with them. The more you do it the better you become. They also start to see you as a 'real' person and not one of the 'computer guys'.

Comment It was great for me. (Score 2) 99

I had cancer removed from my left kidney back in 2010. Two and half weeks later I was back to work. Normal surgery would have required almost 6 months to recover. I was lucky that I had the doctor from Duke medical who wrote the book on this type of surgery perform the operation.

Comment Re:the oracle at... (Score 1) 185

Delphi has been around since before Win95. Delphi was incredible popular and allowed all us Clipper developers a way into Windows development when CA dropped the ball with Visual Objects. Remember, Anders Hejlsberg created Delphi before C#. It is still very popular in most other countries besides here in the US. The choice of Delphi doesn't surprise me. Even though my company is mainly C#, etc. now, we still have a few old Delphi 7.0 and Delphi.NET applications running. In fact, I was just making a change to one before I read this article.

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