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Comment: Re:What a double standard (Score 1) 851

by Moonrazor (#42520153) Attached to: Indiana Nurses Fired After Refusing Flu Shots On Religious Grounds
I've heard from one of the relatives of a nurse at the Goshen hospital who voluntarily quit (wasn't one of those fired). His primary reason for quitting was because the doctors aren't required to have the flu shot since they are private contractors and not hospital employees. Several of the doctors were declining to get the flu shot and he felt that the hospital shouldn't have the right to dictate terms to him that they wouldn't /couldn't even enforce with the doctors that worked there.

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Please don't stop at "some laws". I can think of volumes of laws that should be repealed. The problem with a full time legislature is that they have nothing else to do but come up with laws. All State and Federal legislatures should be paid to only work one month out of the year and the rest of the time they can go back to their "real" jobs. During that one month they can "create" whatever laws are deemed necessary so that should incentivize them do work on the real problems and not all the BS they waste time on. Of course, talk is cheap here in fantasy land...

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by Moonrazor (#39085713) Attached to: Is the Government Scaring Web Businesses Out of the US?
Cops can't get "Top Secret - Classified" stamped all over the wrong things they do which makes it easier to hold them accountable. The Feds on the other hand, just hide everything under the "threat to national security" blanket and good luck proving anything against them while it's still relevant there.

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by Moonrazor (#39050623) Attached to: Doctors "Fire" Vaccine Refusers
Of course we should always do what the doctor tells us, because we all know that Doctors NEVER make any kinds of mistakes whatsoever. They are perfect beings put here to keep us on the perfect path. Bah! As a side note, my family doctor once prescribed an anti-depressant for my spouse. She called BS on the diagnosis, did her own research online (which is not normally a good thing. I know, I know...) and took the results back to him. He actually agreed with her, changed her meds and all is well and we think better of him as a doctor not because he screwed up, but because he listened.

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