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Comment Re:Slashdot Officially Sucks (Score 1) 86

Not necessarily. The fact that it broke into two pieces as it passed over Chelyabinsk (watch the videos of the event, there were two large sonic booms, hence two large pieces) implies that it had already been melted down quite a bit. And, yes, there were two large pieces; one of the online videos I've seen (one of the ones taken with a dashboard camera) clearly shows two large flareups.

Comment Re:It's like this. (Score 1) 878

Sorry, but you're wrong. "What did you loose?" is not a valid sentence. At least, it's not valid from the standpoint of common usage. I've done puhlenty of reading in my long life and I have never, ever seen this particular phrase used anywhere. Even saying it aloud sounds awkward unless it's followed by a qualifier such as "upon the world?" But you're right, 'lose' and 'loose' are very common mistakes, along with affect/effect, you/your/you're, its/it's and many others. And they're getting more common as society continues backsliding into post-technological laziness and illiteracy. This is just one more indication that the last factor of the Drake equation must be shorter than we humans would like to believe.

Comment proof positive (Score 1) 742

Proof positive of what I've always known: The general intelligence level of human civilization is going down. Each succeeding generation is dumber than the last. This disgusting deterioration of the SyFy channel is only the most obvious peak of this social iceberg. The only way I see to fix this situation would be to fire everyone on SyFy's staff younger than 30 and replace its leadership with pentagenarian SF writers.

Japan Launches 'Buddha Phone' 212

CNETNate writes "The Japanese Odin 99 handset isn't a regular video-enabled phone. It's geared, perhaps somewhat ironically, towards the Buddhist geek. Aside from regular cell phone features, a dedicated button loads a private, customizable, animated altar on the phone's screen. The idea is to allow Buddhists to perform their dedications conveniently on-the-go. You can simulate incense burning, purification rites and play music to help you meditate wherever you happen to be. The question is, does such a device somewhat negate the values a Buddhist would stand for?"

Comment Let's put Panama to work. (Score 1) 273

Okay, so we make Panama (which is close enough to the equator) our 51st state and build our rectennae in its offshore territorial waters. Then we strike a deal with Cuba to give us permission to run an underground power line across their island just outside of Havana in return for some free electricity. Connect the line to the tip of Florida and into our power grid and it's done. (Actually, Panama would probably become our 52nd state, just to keep from pissing off the Puerto Ricans.

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