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Comment: Re:They've pushed the Trendy boat out too far now (Score 1) 630

by MooPi (#39339959) Attached to: Can Microsoft Afford To Lose With Windows 8?
I'm testing the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 and the start menu argument is not going to fly. Simply the new interface is very usable and frankly a better design in regards to the start menu and finding applications via the menu. Because I'm the IT source for an extended group of friends and family it's imperative that I'm familiar with current OS gui's and this is my reason for testing. I'm actually surprised that I like the new interface being such a diehard Linux Openbox fan. It's fast easy to maneuver and the learning curve should be quite small if Microsoft does it's due diligence informing the consumers. Windows 8 is far from trendy !

Comment: Producer or Musicians ? (Score 1) 231

by MooPi (#30641776) Attached to: Jaron Lanier Rants Against the World of Web 2.0
Music in our recent past has been pumped to us not by musicians but producers and media moguls dripping in money. These fat cats got rich along with the artists and the public was inundated with thumping noise and flash. Give me substance and something truly worth cherishing. I have always pondered why musicians are paid these enormous sums of money and become god like for playing music. I'd be happy to see the age of the rock star evaporate.

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