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Comment: Hang them by balls .. (Score 4, Insightful) 268

Damn right it's too low!
Those bastards need to spend time behind bars, when you consider the pain ans suffering, moving, family brake-ups and suicides this kind of shit ends up doing to people, mostly men.
. Tech companies of this size .. just go through top admin, and ALL boards of Directors, and take a vote for each manager, and nail there testicles or pussylips to boards and hall them up in the air ..
and let those that suffered, or anyone in the tech industry a bottle of salt water they can use to clean these people's wounds as they hang.. and tell them how it made you feel, to live with too little money .. they will pay attention if you spray when their eye's move away..
Thank them one for me!

Comment: Since they will check NSA 'passive kill' list (Score 1) 162

by MonsterMasher (#47323777) Attached to: Hospitals Begin Data-Mining Patients

Since they will check the NSA 'passive kill' list anyway, they might as well do the rest, in case you are not the standard auto-die list .. the single man. Even then, they might want to torture you first at NSA so perhaps you'll get health care anyway. Or saved to fill a private jail cell, perhaps.

Comment: More sexest BS hurting our children (Score 1) 548

With boys doing so poorly in our gynocentric school hell - they offer money only to teachers who encourage girls. They won't be happy until only .. 10% of college students are male, instead of the 40% and dropping now. Why not just offer money to falsely accuse male students of sexual harassment and then they can suicide at 13 or 14 instead of suffering through until the 20's before blessed death and escape of this male-hate society.
Unbelievable you probably can't see this.

Comment: For NEAT variation also? (Score 1) 230

by MonsterMasher (#47115749) Attached to: The Flaw Lurking In Every Deep Neural Net

The Nero-evolutionary approach (NEAT & HYPER-NEAT) should be significantly less vulnerable for networks trained to any standard related to 'sample size'. If you use very slightly different inputs in smaller and smaller differences.
Also, may retrain itself - to some degree.
Down side for flexability is possibly significantly larger integrated network, and more CPU time running variations 'on-the-fly'. (What? Your computer too bogged down with your web-browser, and just keep getting cheaper?)

Comment: Not hard to imagin a need to.. (Score 1) 131

by MonsterMasher (#47025609) Attached to: Pentagon Document Lays Out Battle Plan Against Zombies

Some viral contagions could be so bad that you have to kill at a distance, and stay the f away from the body without super spaceship equipment.
A contagion that runs a high fever and huge agitation could turn a block of your neighborhood into a zombie movie scene.
Believe it.
(PS. They are training to get the soldiers use to the idea of killing their own family when they are going through your city block rounding up 'bad people,' like you are likely.)

Comment: Time for company spankings! (Score 1) 384

IMHO, whomever it is that is responsible should have his/her genitals spanked by each of the owners of the company.
Since it is a large public company someone(s) will be doing a lot of traveling around exposing themselves and their willy/VaJj whacked.
That would take care of that problem...

Comment: Man Think... math is easy! (Score 1) 208

by MonsterMasher (#46935087) Attached to: Brain Injury Turns Man Into Math Genius

I've been there, and like when I go back. Visually .. it's like lines, a grid is over everything and you know momentum and velocities without need of display.. I drempt the mathematics equation which I understand dictates my life.. in fact. The simple function .. y = 1/x. I added a dimension and connected the two at y=0.
Simple.. but in my dream!
It's the very male brain. I know it well.
For him, it's likely all that's left for now.. depending on other factors he is likely high Autism level for things like sympathy. Not completely devastation, he can learn to work with what he has to .. simulate .. those well enough for public interaction (given the correct support.) And likely most of the rest of his brain will become available in time and work.
I wish him, and all well.

Comment: Turn around okay. (Score 1) 219

by MonsterMasher (#46919295) Attached to: Help EFF Test a New Tool To Stop Creepy Online Tracking

I want an application which will allow me to view the NSA/CIA/Whomever is spying on my computer now. (I figure another on was added the other day .. so maybe 4 now. Game players may notice this as a drop in frames (for no reason) and other small problems. I get double tabs sometimes as my command is incorrectly parsed by one of them.)
I sure would like to know exactly ALL that they have on me. So happy they are saving everything.. in 5 years or so we will be sending many many people to jail from the Government's data banks, people who broke Oaths and many laws yet still send others to jail.

Also - can't wait to find the "white list" or the list of computers to avoid ..
    There are the people of interest. Those with no internet history.
Got that?
It will soon me the gateway to very very long sentences.. TG!
(It's such an exciting time to be alive!)

Comment: Compaining while walking into your home warrentles (Score 1) 178

by MonsterMasher (#46853167) Attached to: DOJ Complains About Getting a Warrant To Search Mobile Phones

By the end of the century they will be complaining because people are putting masking tape over legally required video to police camera's in every room of your house.

These people have no sense. The federal government is amoral wanton killing machine with blood and guts of your fore-fathers lubing it's gears..
And now those gears are getting slow - so throw some more 'lube' in there to keep it moving - "that kid there .. your son! Throw him in right there.."

When you pay your taxes - you put a bullet into a small infants head.
Until that changes .. don't bother supporting these psycho-killers with official badges.


Comment: Quick - Clone it, make saddles, and me meme.. (Score 1) 18

by MonsterMasher (#46847639) Attached to: Fossils of Earliest Known Pterosaur Found

Quick - Clone it, make saddles, and me me me! I will train it!

I'm perfect for the job.
I fear little I understand and great with all animals.. and would die with a smile on my face trying to teach/communicate with such a critter.

The the reward!
Some people would be content flying airplanes!
Ha, the poor small minded people.

Comment: Sad state of female privilege (Score 0) 182

by MonsterMasher (#46814941) Attached to: GitHub Founder Resigns Following Harassment Investigation

Mixing women and men together today in work areas .. sad state
She implies sex for attention and when something goes wrong, well - all hell to pay.

It's so much clearer and easier to understand then the countless men driven from work because of ugly social gossip - now that would mean women would actually be recognized as possible of fault - and society can't think in those.
Not those terms anymore.

"I may be synthetic, but I'm not stupid" -- the artificial person, from _Aliens_