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Comment Nothing shady here (Score 1) 113

Tux Racer is and always will be an open source Linux game. There is nothing shady going on here. Sunspire is not a big faceless corporation. We're just a bunch of graphics geeks from Waterloo. We hope to maintain goodwill and popularity by keeping Tux Racer an open source product. We do need to make a living somehow, so we hope to create high quality course packs and pretty shrink wrapped boxes with CDs and manuals. These will be sold for a small fee. We can also possibly make some income for advertising billboards on the sides of courses. Check us out in November when this should all be ready (along with more free features.) We hope people (particularly /. types) will support our efforts with an open source game development model. We really don't appreciate being refered to as "shady." - CEO Sunspire -

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