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The library doesn't have unlimited porn, social media, music, etc etc but that is what the majority of the students are using the network for at the school. There isn't nearly as much "personal research" going on in a library as there is on the Internet.

I'm not saying network access should be restricted. I'm just saying let's be honest about how it is being used.

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by Monoman (#47555883) Attached to: Smoking Mothers May Alter the DNA of Their Children

My experience is different. My parents smoked 30+ years and they didn't die immediately from massive heart attacks as YOU would think. They developed quite a few health problems later in life which required many many meds and doctor visits over their last 10-15 years. Sure, insurance covered much of it but I gotta think the medical industry definitely makes out better if most of their patients are like my parents were.

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by Monoman (#47376189) Attached to: Goldman Sachs Demands Google Unsend One of Its E-mails

It makes sense if the email hasn't been retrieved yet. GS wants SMTP to have a Recall Unread Message feature which it doesn't. So in the meantime, they expect Google (or the postman) to do the retrieval for them. Should this be possible? Sure, for a fee until SMTP (or another protocol) will let users recall their own messages.

FWIW - You can recall internal messages with Outlook/Exchange. I'm sure others do it too.

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