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Comment Re: Nobody is buying email software anymore (Score 1) 244

MS and Google are definitely locking in customers. They know that it will get increasingly difficult for their customers to migrate off of these systems. Just try to migrate those huge mailboxes to another service.

I work for an EDU and we use MS anti-spam services which works pretty good. What I have started to notice is that a bit of "opt-out" marketing spam (not the Vi@gra, CuRe B al Dness stuff) hitting my mailbox is from companies using O365. It isn't enough for me to be convinced that MS lets their paying customers spam me more easily but it's enough that I'm starting to pay attention .... and I will mention it to our rep.

Comment Why should they? (Score 5, Insightful) 187

Why should laws keep up with technology? Laws should be written in such a way that the technology involved doesn't matter. Typically laws should be about an outcome more than a method. There are already so many laws on the books that the first thing to look at is if an existing law applies. If not, is there a law that should be amended to cover the new technology?

Example: Highway speed limits are for all motor vehicles and not just a specific type of vehicle. It does not matter how many wheels (car, motorcycle, tractor trailer, etc) the car has, what type of the engine (gas, diesel, electric) is under the hood, what kind of transmission (auto, manual), or if if has some fancy new electronic accessory ... the speed limit is the speed limit.

Comment History repeats itself (Score 2) 68

Eventually things pretty much go back to the way they were before. I remember seeing a discussion about the lessons learned from Hurricane Andrew (not just IT specific) and how after 7 years things that were important were forgotten or deemed less important. I'm sure the same happened with Hurricane Katrina, Sandy, and many others. It seems to be our human nature that these things eventually wear off and become less important. I think Neil Degrasse Tyson was on Joe Rogan's podcast a few years ago and touched on the subject as well.

Comment Re:Why do this? (Score 1) 112

Subsidies that never end. One of the issues with these contracts is that the prices do not go down after the phone is paid off. The carriers love people that stay on plan after the initial contract expires. Some customers were catching on and looking to get a new phone as soon their contact expired and often switched carriers while shopping.

One of the next hurdles US customers need to face is the differing phones by carriers. They may not have a contract but having a phone that is pretty much tied to a carrier due to the tech is very limiting.

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