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Comment: Re:A ban on swearing in books, plays, and films? (Score 1) 158

by Mondor (#47366919) Attached to: Russia Moves From Summer Time To Standard Time

Slashdot is mass media. Mass media can't swear now too.
Bloggers are mass media too, if they have 3000 subscribers or more. Immediately after the parliament made that decision, (which now belongs to Russian company) removed the stats from bloggers, expressing numbers in Heroes Of Might and Magic style.

I assume, that this rule won't be enforced like it could happen in Saudi Arabia or other similarly enlightened country. Instead, Russian authorities are getting a license to kill, for later use, when the real cause could be personal dislike or business interests.

Also, if I remember right, they wanted to force all Russian mass media to be hosted in Russia. You know why.

Comment: Microsoft Danger v2.0 (Score 1) 387

by Mondor (#47272041) Attached to: Code Spaces Hosting Shutting Down After Attacker Deletes All Data

This reminds me the cloud service of Microsoft, called Danger. It died the same way - they simply lost all customer information, with no backups made (and, actually, the size of full backup could be less than 1Tb).

In my humble opinion, these people are too lame to stay in business. Having offline backups couldn't be the only problem of their service. As I can conclude from the article, they also had problems with security and lack of common sense and strategic thinking.

Comment: Re:But no one really cares about Microsoft... (Score 1) 140

I would trade my Windows Phone (HTC 8X) for an iPhone!

I have to carry a backup Android phone to use 15 features (yes, I counted) that WP could not provide. Windows Phone is not ugly, but it's useless. I want a smart phone, not a feature phone with large screen!

Comment: Re:Short black with one (Score 1) 192

by Mondor (#47246381) Attached to: How To Make Espresso In Space

What you are making with your Aeropress is Americana. Espresso, for example, is made with nearly boiling water. Bialetti "percolators" make perfect Espresso, using the power of boiling water, which pushes itself through the grind coffee. I wouldn't call Americana a "progression" from Espresso. Or from "proper" spiced African creamy coffee, which is a totally different thing. And I'm not even talking about the coffee you may get in coffee shop in Amsterdam.

For space, Espresso is better, as it consumes less water.

There are filter machines (Dutch Technivorm, for example) which produce coffee of very high standard (of Americana). In my opinion, a way higher quality than Aeropress. And they waste less coffee in process. By Nordic standards, which are most coffee consuming of all (followed by Euro and American, if I remember right), you need 60 grams of ground coffee per 1 liter of water. For Aeropress, you need to go beyond that for the same result. For space travel that would mean a higher price of a shot.

Regarding the instant coffee - it depends from what is your source. Something tells me, that if you brew your perfect coffee and then freeze-dry it, you will get result of a higher quality than anything you could buy in shop. Except for mentioned coffee shop, of course.

I assume that bringing that 20kg machine to Space was PR stunt of Lavazza, otherwise I see no reason to not use the high quality instant coffee. If they need coffee in space anyway. Besides, if they have a coffee machine in Abrams tank, why not to have it in space station?

Comment: Re:Seems correct (Score 1) 53

Well, there are agricultural companies in Mexico, who sell apples. And since they produce fruits, and Apple produces cellphones, but not fruits (see the logic?) the next day someone would try to use "apple phones" in marketing material, this would be ruled out as illegal. Because consumers would be very much confused.

Comment: Re:Only if we do away with secret ballots (Score 1) 116

by Mondor (#47007233) Attached to: Estonia Urged To Drop Internet Voting Over Security Fears

I think the whole idea of assigning the single-use key is that there would be a complete list of keys and votes, so everyone would be able to look at the same document and see if his vote is registered correctly. Of course, there may be bogus keys in that list and of course that would make the whole event not secret anymore (as there would be a database of links between the key and the voter), but at least such system would be a bit more transparent.

If your token would be known to you long before the vote, and it would be up to you to use it or not, then you would see if your vote was registered by somebody else, like they do it with paper ballot. Also, there could be a limit of how many votes may be given from a single IP address. Also, there might be a procedure to simulate voting - for example, you could specify two passwords, and giving one of them would signal authorities that you were forced to give your vote, and while it would be "registered", you would have a meeting scheduled with FBI or whatever.

To make long story short - electronics give you previously unseen flexibility, and any problem can be solved with some logic, common sense and math.

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